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The apartment is located near the center of Rome in Testaccio Area, excellent starting point for visiting the most interesting places in the city.
Sense the rather original atmosphere of a zone heaving with restaurants, bars and clubs, making the area around Monte Testaccio highly popular with night-lifers.

The house is equipped with kitchen, air conditioning, heating, free Wi-Fi, coffee maker . Towels and linens are available for our guests.
Just 200m from the front door there is a bus stop with which you can reach the Metro line B in 5 minutes and the stop Piramide is just 10 minutes away. The train station where you can catch direct links to Fiumicino airport and the Central Station. Adjacent to it is also the metro train station of "Rome Lido" from where you can reach the Roman coast and the archeological site of Ostia Antica.

The district is characterized by the presence of some of the Rome's top gourmet food store that offer you an opportunity to experience Rome in a typical italian neighborhood where people live, eat and shop

It is also located near Trastevere just two stops with the metro from the Colosseo


€ 3,5 fee will be be applied from the 1st september 2014 . This will apply to anyone staying in overnight accommodation inside Rome's boundaries. Children under the age of 10 years are exempt from payment.
FEE: 3,5 euros per person per night
max 10 days.


For arrivals outside of our normal business hours of 19:00 p.m., there is a €30 fee for the check- in. From 23.30hrs – 2.00hrs the fee is €50
For checking on Sundays there will be an extra payment of €30 at the time of arrival, on HOLIDAYS CHECK -IN there will be an extra payment of 30€ at the time of arrival, general check-out must be done before 10:00 a.m. Upon check-in you will inform the person in charge of the expected time of your check out so you can set the time.
Please leave the apartment in a good condition and inform the person in charge of any miss happenings. PLEASE, I need you to contact me as soon as you arrive at Rome, you'll have my email/sms/phone. If you are delayed I also ask you to PLEASE, notify me. If you don't contact me, you might risk not being able to check-in at check-in time. I'll meet you in person in the apartament and I'll be happy to recommend you best restaurants, bars and places in the neighborhood :) CLEANING AND MANTEINANCE * The apartment is fully EQUIPPED and well taken care of * Cleaning fee include a standard cleaning. * It's NOT allowed to smoke in the apartament, there will be a €50 charge if we notice it * All trash should be taken out to the public thrash cans. EXTRA GUESTS POLICY It's NOT allowed to have guests sleeping over beyond the ones you indicate during your reservation. If you plan to have someone over, please let me know in advance. ALSO Please be reminded that apartament is located within a residential buildings so great care must be taken to ensure no disturbance is caused. So: * NO parties are allowed * NO loud music / TV * NO noise on the stairways * NO pets

Remember to use backpack or light luggage. Is the best option in this City :)

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Rome, Lazio, Italy

The Testaccio neighborhood is in the center of the city of Rome, has a famous area of ​​restaurants and nightclubs as well.

The name comes from the so-called "upstream" (Mons Testaceus): 35 meters of rubble (testas, in Latin) and several remains, accumulated over the centuries as a transport waste that went to the port of Gran Ripa ( Emporium).
The port of Emporio had been in operation since Roman times and was the point of disembarkation of merchandise and raw materials (mainly marbles, grain and wine) that, coming from the port of Ostia, climbed the Tiber in barges towed by buffalo in Rome.
Throughout the centuries, the spikes of the amphoras, which used to contain wheat and liquid food during transport, accumulated in the mountains: hence the name - old - of Monte Testaccio or Monte de Cocci, and the choice - modern - The amphora as a symbol of the neighborhood. The number of stacked amphoras is estimated at around 25 million. The empty amphoras containing mainly oil were broken into piles and then ordered in order to give constant stability to the gradients and sprinkled with lime to avoid odors due to the decomposition of organic waste.
Until the recovery and urban reorganization started after 1870, which allocated this territory and that along the Via Ostiense to the Basilica of San Pablo to industrial activities and heavy services (railways, slaughterhouse, general markets, gas factory transferred here) Circus Maximus) the area, which was within the walls of the city, was populated by poor farmers and shepherds. Simply poor neighborhood, in addition to being the place of choice for the pastimes and field days of the Romans was the cradle of 'AS Roma with its football field.
Since the 1960s began the sale of large industrial areas and services located since the beginning of the '900 along the Via Ostiense: in 1963 with the output of the production of the Centrale Montemartini, with the closure of the gas factories, gradually replaced by natural gas in the 1960s-70s, with Testaccio's slaughterhouse arrangement, to conclude in 2003 with the abandonment of the old General Markets transformed into Agrioalimentare Center Rome and transferred out of the GRA and Rome, into the municipality of Guidonia Montecelio.
Since the 1980s the dell'Ostiense area and its historical production have been affected by a radical readjustment in its intended use: the University of Roma Tre and the new bureaucratic-administrative building have been installed instead of a part of the markets In general, the Centrale Montemartini was transformed into a museum area, a macro section, a museum, and the headquarters of the Department of Architecture of the University of Roma Tre were opened in the old slaughterhouse, while the Monte de Cocci has its headquarters of the Popular Music School of Testaccio. The final changes to the traditional arrangement of the neighborhood was given by the transfer of the market from the historic Piazza Testaccio seat to the new space equipped at the bottom of Via Galvani (2012). Continuing with the modernization, numerous restaurants and taverns have once moved between bars, restaurants and luogos to get food too, which perpetuates the vocation in the neighborhood of places to enjoy the night.
I suggest:
Pyramid Cestia: It was built between 18 and 12 BC as a tomb for Gayo Cestio dives, a member of Septemviri Epulones; it is in concrete, with curtain of brick and cover of plates of marble of Carrara; It is 36.40 meters high with a square base about 30 feet long and extends over a concrete deck.
The pyramid was built in only 330 days. In fact, Gayo Cestio expressly ordered in his testament that the heirs built the pyramidal tomb within that period, or risk losing the rich legacy. Within this concrete mountain there is a single funerary chamber measuring 5.95 × 4.10 and a height of 4.80 meters, whose cubicle constitutes just over 1% of the total volume of the monument. A comparison of the form with the pyramids of Giza reveals that the structural strength of the concrete has made it possible to build the Roman pyramid at a much sharper angle than that of Egypt. The slender form has allowed the Pyramid to reach a higher height with the same amount of material.
The presence of a pyramid-shaped funeral monument in Rome is probably due to the fact that Egypt had become a Roman province some years before in 30 BC, and the sumptuous culture of this new province was also in vogue in Rome. It is the only pyramid outside of Egypt.

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