Palawan Ecolodge Habagat

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Ukubhukisha ngakunye kuquka ukukhuselwa kwasimahla xa Umbuki Zindwendwe erhoxile, xa indlu ingachananga nezinye iingxaki njengokuba nengxaki yokubhalisa xa ufika.
Enye inkcazelo iguqulelwe ngokuzenzekelayo.
Go for adventure in a simple & secluded eco-house on a deserted beach.
Local meals served in your house on demand. Daily cleaning included.
Kayak, surfboards, bodyboards, SUP, snorkel & fins for rent.
Perfect for relaxation, water sports, mountain, jungle & mangrove trecks.
Discover local life : accompany locals to rice fields, fishing, market, school...
Our project is financing community programs.

Go for adventure in southern Palawan. This part of the island, off the beaten path, has retained its authentisme, traditional lifestyle and exuberant nature.
On the threshold of the country's largest protected natural park, Palawan Ecolodge in sitio Malakibay (Rizal Town) is an ecological and social project whose goal is a very small scale tourism in harmony with local life.
To enjoy this place, very isolated and difficult to reach, with limited solar power (without air conditioning or hot showers) and meals according to market arrivals it's better to be a bit adventurer, nature and authenticity lover.

The Habagat house has three bedrooms with double bed. One bedroom has a very large bed (2,50 m wide) made for jetlagged babies who wants to sleep with their parents.
Large terrace.
220V solar electricity, particularly limited during cloudy weather.
Cold ice box.
Beach beds and hammocks.
Bath & beach towels, bed sheets are included.

Amihan and Habagat houses are beachfront and separated by 90m of vegetation. In the middle you have the kid’s play house. We are close enough to the sea to have permanent light winds, cool nights and less insects. We highly recommend to sleep with open shutters to benefit the night freshness, our natural "aircon".

Note that our solar panels provide enough power for lightning and charging few cameras, cellphones, laptop... but not for air conditionned, fans or hot water.
Our shower are local "tabo style" with a big drum and a small "tabo" (recipient) to shower you.

Meals are served in your house on demand (300 pesos per person for a breakfast and 400 pesos per person for lunch or dinner). Please order at least one day in advance. A drink (beer or soda) per person per meal is included, additional drinks can be purchased for 30 pesos.
Coconut juice when available (if it's very windy, we don't climb the trees).
Breakfast consist of (on order) : coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pancakes (plain or with fruits), toast, fresh fruit salad, eggs.
Meals depends on the «catches of the day» and daily fresh market products.
During bad weather we may not find seafood during several days.
Local dishes are : vegetable salad with fresh palm vinegar and olive oil, fish or seafood (crab, shrimp, squid), meat : bbq, curry, stewed with palm vinegar and soy sauce (adobo), local noodles with vegetables and meat (pancit), meat or vegetable fried rolls (lumpia), fruits (mango, pineapple, banana, jackfruit ...), rice and coconut milk cakes (ibus or bibingka), casava cakes...
We can adapt ourself to special diets : vegan, gluten free...

The water comes from our wells, filtered by a traditional charcoal system. We manually pump it into a tank without the use of a generator. Tap water is drinkable but we also provide you with purified water jerrycans.

Internet : The best is to buy a local sim card Smart (not Globe), to buy prepaid load and then to subscribe a prepaid internet like ALLOUT99 at 99 pesos for a week.

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Rizal, Palawan, Philippines

Ideal for lounging as for immersion in local life, Palawan Ecolodge is also a perfect place for water sports and mountain treks.

Water sports

At high tide or low tide, swimming is perfect as there is only sand without stones or reefs in front of the houses and enough depth which is not always the case in Palawan.

At both ends of the bay and especially on the north side, there is immense coral reefs with a wide variety of species that you can easily reach by kayak.

At the north end of the beach you can go up a river for 300 meters before reaching a beautiful mangrove. You can explore the maze and land near the house of our friend Santi who is friends with a bunch of monkeys.

Depending on the season you may have nice waves: A shorebreak on sandy bottom or bigger waves on the reefs.
For kitesurfing or windsurfing, both Amihan and Habagat prevailing winds fit well and are side shore. The first waves outside the reef are safe with 2 meters of depth.


Palawan Ecolodge is at the entrance of Mount Mantalingahan Protected Landscape (the culminant point of Palawan), which won in 2013 the first national competition of protected areas.
Although the specifications of the park plans to encourage ecotourism, it is still a very little visited area where new species of fauna and flora are still discovered.

We can help you with authorizations and fees asked for those sites : Mt Mantalingahan, Tao't bato tribe, Mantayob falls which range from few hours to several days expeditions.

We are establishing partnership with the protected area administration to facilitate your visit and bring benefits to the local communities with a limited and respectful impact.

And if you want to trek without a challenging expedition on the Mantalingahan there are also very nice walks around the house. You can for exemple reach the Rizal market with a 45mn walk along the sea, hiking small forested hills.
Another very interesting trek is to walk to Tubo, a Palawan tribe village and then to continue to the Turbong falls through the jungle. From home, Tubo is a 2h walk, very easy at any age. It can also be a 30mn tricycle drive to Calupisan and then a 30mn walk. From tabo you can hire guides (500 pesos in total) to walk to the Turbong falls. It's a 2h very nice walk, quite steep with a thick vegetation. Ask the guide to cut for you walking sticks. We recommend light hiking shoes for the trek and plastic sandals to cross the rivers. Bring insect repellent, antisepctic and tweezers for thorns. No major difficulty, just watch what kind of tree you can grab (they are some thorny liana). However we would not recommend it for kids under 8 except is they are already used to this kind of trek.

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Mommy Sally arrived in Rizal in the 60’s, a village that has remained quite isolated from the rest of the region until the late 80’s when the first road was open. She was the priest’s cook and also prepared meals occasionally for any village festivity.
She gave birth, sometimes alone, to six children. Maria Eliza, her youngest daughter, was able to study at university in Puerto Princesa with a scholarship.
She met there Alexandre, a french filmmaker who was shooting a documentary film in the Iwahig prison where prisoners can live with their families in a semi-autonomous and self-managed jail.
As a student in anthropology he regularly stayed in the south of Palawan from the mid-90’s for his researches.
Together, they settled in 2000 the Palawan extension of the NGO Alouette Foundation to sponsor the inmates’ children from primary school to university.
They now live in France with their three children but are involved beside Mamy Sally in Palawan Ecolodge project.
Alexandre directed two documentary films in Palawan :
- Out of Bounds, about Iwahig prison and penal farm.
- Tout le monde sur son ile - Palawan (ARTE TV) : a road movie going from north to south of Palawan to meet a series of strong characters :
Badjaos "sea gypsies" more or less settled near Puerto Princesa.
A lawyer and her husband journalist deeply involved in Palawan’s environment and human rights defense.
Jellyfish fishermen in Taytay struggling to preserve their fishing sites.
Swallow's nest collectors in El Nido.
And the small community of Malakibay : fishermen, farmers, healer who are now involved in Palawan Ecolodge Project.
Mommy Sally arrived in Rizal in the 60’s, a village that has remained quite isolated from the rest of the region until the late 80’s when the first road was open. She was the pries…

Ngexesha lokuhlala kwakho

You will be greeted by Mommy Sally whose house is 80 meters back from your house. Mommy, well known for her kindness and generosity, was for ten years the "official" cook for festive meals in Rizal. She retired on the seashore and will have only you to take care. She will be assisted in her task by her neighbors and relatives Cheche, Baning, Vick, Cesar, Vicente, Marvin, Mario... This happy team will guide you and satisfy your needs even if their english may be «colourful».

Our incomes are partly used for local community projects. For 2017-2018 it helped to open a new school in the bay for kids aged from 3 to 6 by paying the teacher's salary and by providing equipments. The Municipality will be able to hire the teacher in June 2018.
Any school material you could bring would be welcome : notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, water color, english or tagalog kids books (you can find it in Puerto Princesa : National Bookstore), educative games (puzzles, construction games...), posters (maps, ABC-posters...). Please don't bring individual non educational gifts, the idea is to equip them and the school with educational material. And please avoid also candies, chips... we prefer not to promote junk food whish is already a problem in the Philippines even in remote and modest areas.
And if you whish, you will be more than welcome in the 17 kids class to talk a bit about your country (in english), permit the kids to listen to your language or share any of your specialty with them...
You will be greeted by Mommy Sally whose house is 80 meters back from your house. Mommy, well known for her kindness and generosity, was for ten years the "official" cook for festi…
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