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Cobra House one of our most cherished habitable sculptures and an ode to tasteful design in harmony with the environment.

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1. The Construction
The construction and furniture are mostly made of locally-sourced bamboo that covered with rice straw roofs. The building is designed and built by local bamboo artisans with serious consideration to the strength of the entire part of the construction and furniture. The lower level floor is a half meter from the ground with a higher edge on the north porch; please take care of your step while playing on this site. The upper level is 2.5 meters from the ground with stairs that are considered easy to climb; watch your head and hold the railing for your safety.

2. Water, Electricity, and Wi-Fi
The water you use in this house is supplied by the regional water company that distributes fresh water sourced from Mount Agung aquifer. Although the water is fresh, it is not ready to drink water, so please drink only water that is served in the bottle and ask the doormen to refill if it runs out. The electricity installed in the house is connected with the main east Bali grid system to assure you have reliable lighting in the night and optimum power supply to your device. Because we understand you may physically off-grid, but your digital presence can have no break. So, Wi-Fi is free as always.

3. The Location
The small town of Sidemen is less crowded compare to Ubud and any other tourist destination in Bali. This area is slowly growing as the indigenous culture and society remain preserved by its humility. You can explore the village in a short-range by foot, a scooter is also available to rent if you want to go a little bit further to the town center or the neighbor village.

4. Public Facility
The small town of Sidemen has a village hall, traditional market, small grocery, school, and hospital with an emergency care unit. Ride a scooter around 5 – 10 minutes from the bamboo house to reach one of these facilities. Bigger public facilities are available in the nearest town of Semarapura that requires a 20-minute drive or Denpasar that is around 60 minutes from Sidemen.

5. The Climate
The climate is divided into two seasons, dry or wet. The dry season comes around May – September while the wet season is from October – April each year. However, climate change has made the weather a bit unpredictable. Sometimes there is a rainy day within the dry season, and not all day is rainy during the wet season. When you stay during the wet season please consider facing heavy rain with a wind that may blow water into the lower ground porch, the upper balcony, and the hanging net. However, we have installed curtains and roll-up blinds at the lower ground so you can protect yourself from rainwater or bugs in the night.

6. The Bugs
The bamboo house is located within a rice terrace with rich biodiversity. Our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint has led us to design the house with minimum impact on the surrounding living organism. Stay in this bamboo house means that you are willing to share your living space with other creatures. Ants, fly, mosquito, and other insects are commonly found outside of the building especially during fruit season. As long as you keep the space clean and not leave any left food open, they will not come to disturb you. If you notice mosquito entering the bedroom area, we highly recommend you to use the mosquito net on the bed during your sleep. If you have a specific insect allergy or afraid of these insects, we suggest this bamboo house is not good for you. Or you may go at your own risk.

7. Room Services
You have a doormen stand-by at 7.00 am – 9.00 pm at the upper ground, you can ask him almost anything you need to make your stay enjoyable. He will help you with breakfast, food for lunch and dinner, find a masseur, room cleaning, laundry, transportation, area information, and tourist activities. You can also contact us online through Airbnb platform in case the onsite services do not meet your needs.

8. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Breakfast for two is included in your booking. You can ask the doormen to serve the breakfast in the spot you want. Whether it is floating on the pool, on the couch or you feel too heavy to wake up from your bed, the breakfast will be served at your convenience. We plan to have a small restaurant in the upper ground so that you can order food for your lunch as well as dinner. For now, you can walk around as there are several restaurants available near the house. Or you can ask the doormen to buy one.

9. Air Conditioning
We do not install air conditioning in the house as it is against our spirit to maintain natural air remain fresh and healthy. Matter-fact we think we do not need that urban stuff around Sidemen Village, especially when you let the soft natural wind flows into your space.

10. Use of Hanging Net
The hanging net is made of strong string with iron steel pillars to sustain the weight of the user. Using the hanging net means you understand the risk that you may fell off to the side of the net if you are not careful. Only use the hanging net if you are confident that you have a good balance and always have your partner watching you in case you need help to get back to the room. Do not use the hanging net after hitting even a shoot of alcohol. Do not jump down from the hanging net and do not hang on it as it is your pull up bar.

11. The Neighborhood
As the bamboo house is located in the main tourist district of Sidemen, several accommodations and restaurants are situated near your space. You will see some buildings on the west side of the house. Right at the back of the house is also accommodation with several rooms. The neighbor is warm and friendly, especially the owner of the surrounding properties. However, to make sure you have great privacy during your stay, we have created a high bamboo fence at the back of the house and plant dense vegetation on each border with the neighbor property.

12. Irresponsible Behavior
Irresponsible behavior and threatening and abusive conduct towards the host, doormen, neighbors of the house, and the villager will not be tolerated. The host will refuse to allow check-in to the house if there is any case and or information that assume the guest (s) have related to any irresponsible behavior, threatening, and abusive conduct toward the mentioned person above. The host also has a full authority to end guest stay in the house if there is any case and or information that assume the guest (s) have related to any irresponsible behavior, threatening, and abusive conduct toward the mentioned person above. No refund will be given regarding the cancelation/canceled stay due to irresponsible behavior, threatening, and abusive conduct toward the mentioned person above.
The host will not have a further responsibility to the guest once the booking is canceled and or the stay is ended.

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Sidemen, Bali, Indonesia

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