Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha

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Surwahi Social Estate Kanha is an eco-friendly Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board approved Bed and Breakfast tucked in the forest near the Khatia gate (23 kms) of Kanha Tiger Reserve. We are a 10 acres of private jungle estate offering conscious luxury through our unique mud based sustainable building design deep in woods. We offer 2 Family Suites and an 8 bed Earthen Dormitory with modern amenities with rural ambience promoting holistic wellness. We are Pet friendly, Disabled friendly, Kid friendly.

With more than 20 years combined experience in domestic tourism poured in conceptualizing the dream of Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha , our space offers a unique blend of Eco-sensitive Tourism in a conscious luxury mode standing tall on the 4 pillars of Agri Tourism, Rural Tourism, Wildlife Tourism and Wellness tourism. Our Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board certified Bed and Breakfast or Homestay is a boutique sustainably designed country home spread in deep greenery of 10 acres where you can soak in local culture with earthen warmth and hospitality.

Our entire construction is limited to a maximum 5000 square feet based on vernacular principles of mud, lime and local materials limiting the use of red burnt bricks, steel, iron, artificial tiles and cement. This keeps the building naturally cool during peak summers and at the same time is environmentally friendly with most of the raw material and skilled artisans sourced locally for the homestay construction. This mainstay portion of our home is situated on a circular periphery around our Grand Mahua tree and is called Madhuca compound. The central theme for our holiday home design has been 'coliving in wilderness' our tagline . This refers to a healthy, delightful and engaging coliving while spending time at SSEK be it with your friends or family, be it with other fellow travelers at our estate, be it with our flora or fauna or be it with our locals or neighborhood.

** It's important to note that we do not have TV's in any of our rooms.
** We do not have Air Conditions (AC) accommodation. Best alternative is Air Cooled Suite Rooms which we feel suffices in peak summer with some extra cooler sound.
** Hot water is provided through Gujarat boiler which may take some time to heat up and water may smell of burnt wood being firewood based sustainable alternative to electric geyser.

The compound provides a manicured safe feeling to our guests within our vast raw forest campus. Entire unit has been built from fundamentals of differently abled or wheel chair friendliness in our aim to make tourism inclusive. The arc shaped building consists of 5 blocks mattering to ours guests which are -

1. Maikal Express :: Our 8 permanent earthen bed 800 square feet Dormitory with 2 western toilets attached and a quarter dome area with washbasin + storage racks. 6 of the the 8 beds come with a rotating cum deflecting window doors which double as laptop tables or dining tables. All 8 beds have a private window with a garden view. Each bed has 2 power sockets each and also equipped with its own LED light control making sure reading is not compromised. 5 of the 8 beds are accessible feeling like a wide lower berth of an Indian railway coach while 3 upper ones have a bamboo ladder each for access similar to upper berths. This dormitory is perhaps the first one of Kanha park and thanks to the large native trees behind and Grand Mahua in front its relatively cooler even in the thick of summers inside Maikal. The hut styleGI sheeted roof is marked at highest 14 feet in the center with insulation from top through recycled clay made country tiles. Both washrooms (30 square feet each) have western commodes, wash basin, high end hand and rain showers along with a quarter dome roof style area with sky light. This quarter dome area has the amenities like Electric Kettle, Earthen pot for water, Tea / Coffee makers with cups along with a series of open cupboards for guests luggage storage. The 6 rotating fully openable windows also have a wire mesh from outside to be safe from insects / mosquitoes during rains. Washrooms are hot water equipped through Gujarat boiler or wood fired boiler during winters.

2. Satkon :: This is our water recycling pinnacle. A unique yet massive funnel shaped hall with 7 sided common leisure cum dining area. It boasts of a 80-100 square feet tiled & lighted fish pond in the middle underneath the funnel. Idea is that entire rainwater falling on this 1000 square feet almost Heptagonal shaped stabilized mud based hall room collected in the fish tank through a funnel with an opening on the center. During rains our guests can listen to the music of this meditating circular water falling into the fish pond from the funnel. Extra water from the pond recharges our 'Cluster well' some meters away from the compound. The funnel starts from 21 feet and falls to 8 making a steep slope of 13 feet as seen in our drone shots or pictures from the tower points. This place is an engineering cum architectural marvel acting as a live demonstration of Rain Water Harvesting with Recharge of our well during a heavy rainy day. Satkon also hosts our transparent open to guest ''Kodo Kutki' rustic kitchen with all modern amenities like RO, Refrigerator, Toaster and Mixer Grinder for serving the best food for our guests. It's recommended to observe the roof of our kitchen as you get mesmerized from our Satkon funnel. There is back gate provision for our kitchen for easy access to our staff and supplies. There are provisions for floor rugs and mats for board gaming in Satkon. This will also be a place to screen wildlife and conservation movies with a projector and speakers as we progress in future. There is a dedicated hand wash area with 2 clay based washbasins for the guests while they enjoy their meals. In essence 'Satkon' is a multipurpose central hall dedicated for fun, chats, debates, board gaming or dining with your gang if not outdoors while staying at SSEK. This express bogie style dwelling space becomes immense fun if you are huddling up as a college student or reunion gang, seniors on a trip together, families with kids or even corporate teams with the universal goal of bonding and being together.

3. Jholar and Kariwah :: The two luxurious suite rooms named after 2 villages (Jholar and Kariwah respectively) of central India which were moved out of Kanha Tiger Reserve to make place for wildlife. Each room is around 1000 square feet with a mezzanine floor acting as a balcony or kids / extra adults sleepover. Each Suite consists of a large permanent wooden base style king bed with 8 inch mattress on one side, recycled wooden almirahs on its adjacent and large open area to sit out or have an extra bed at the entrance on the other side. The design of Suite and our interiors invites you to be floored offering enough space for floor parties, board gaming or sitting cross legged family dinners well inside the room. There is a single permanent third bed with beautiful windows and air cooler at disabled friendly height doubling as a sitting space with cushions and comfortable pillows. There are no TV's, but a recycled wood luggage rack and study tables provided on demand. Each suite can easily accommodate 5-7 adults provided guests are OK to share the same washroom. The mezzanine floor window rack folds up or down as a study table with a gorgeous view of our forest estate. There is a 10 step permanent wooden staircase next to one of the side walls for the mezzanine floor. There is a small rotating gate along with high rise sturdy wooden rails all along the stairs and mezzanine to avoid mishaps specially with young toddlers. Approx. 70 square feet Mezzanine also has a foldable floor mattress for extra adults or young kids to tuck in with the option to switch its own ceiling fan and LED light. The surprise attraction beyond the vastly spacious Suite rooms of ours is the attached washrooms. Each room's disabled friendly washroom will be easily spread across 150-200 square feet. The washroom contrasts the earthen palette of the Suite with royal blue, white and greenish tiles as tints. Western closet, High quality mirrors + washroom fittings, Handmade wash basins with a pozzolana plaster theme are few attractions of our place to bath and do your daily routine. Each washroom also has an open to sky wire meshed space allowing rainfall or fresh air to breeze past while you are taking a rain shower filled with rounded pebbles from our nearby Banjar river. Hot and cold water are enabled through our more sustainable Gujarat boilers which consume waste firewood as fuel instead of electricity but demand some patience and wood fired charcoal smell as an addition while consuming the hot water. It's almost certain to feel the smell of wet earth or 'Petrichor' fragrance while bathing in this area.

4. Staff room & Umerpani Tower - On one side of the arched building we have a double story with thin cantilever style stairs rising to the top and iron railing to hold. The first floor room refers to our staff room where we at times accommodate drivers or support staff from guests with nominal extra costs. More important is the Umarpani Tower which is the highest man made view point inside our estate also hosting our water tank. This view point with limited scope to stand offers 360 degree view of our building towards North, farm lands to our West, Halon tower towards South and native forest with Play Area towards East. Excellent place for bird watch provided you can fit in amidst our plumbing lines and navigate through the Palash leaves trying to ambush this tower.

5. Corridor - We have made a conscious effort to make sure that while our guests have best comforting experience inside our rooms but at the same time they do spend a memorable time outside the closed room units. As a result our main building offers a 2000 square feet of niche roof covered space referred to as our corridor area. With mud mixed with cement non smooth flooring just like the local households and regularly coated with disinfecting cow dung this space acts as gateway to our Dormitory, Central Leisure Area, Study and Suites. It has in itself has 2 entrances. First main stairs bound entrance at the center landing upto our prime foyer and second on one extreme side in form of well lit, hand railed , gradually sloped U Ramp making the entire building differently abled. The corridor has a small but comprehensive study called 'MP50' with large work desks enabling remote working from forest on our JIO 4G enabled WiFi. Behind the study is a common washroom with western closet and clay wash basin. Above the study is a small terrace whose access is adventurously limited through an iron ladder. This terrace called 'Bija Dadar' offers promising Star gazing options, Moon rise, Sunset views as well as skylights into our kitchen offering our guests a sneak peak on 'What's Cooking'. Minimum 10 feet width corridor extends to 20 feet at main foyer and provides ample up-cycled old style office found wooden chairs and bamboo furniture all procured locally from our neighborhood. There is a large porch right at the entrance of Satkon with leaf grilled windows and granite seats to relax or wait for nothing. Old wood made railings and retrofitted add to visual appeal of the corridor in addition to boosting the safety of our kid guests as our corridor plinth level is at least 6 feet above ground. This semi circular west facing corridor particularly provides stunning sunset options along with neat opportunities to watch our chirping friends.

Till now whatever we have described in the above 5 blocks is our central building block.Now lets see what else lies inside Madhuca Compound beyond the Stabilized Mud Building Block.

Within the Madhuca Compound -

1. Chandra Taal :: A circular small limestone coated plunge pool pond with bare height of 3 feet and diameter of 10 feet to relax in summers. Have your drinks or evening snacks here half dipped in water. The experience becomes Insta worthy at night particularly with our warm lighting of buildings kicking in.
2. Parviflora Bonfire Grove :: If in Winters nothing beats sipping 'Lemon Grass Tea' or any other drink next to this bonfire area which is naturally blessed with 'Lagerstroemia Parviflora' trees forming a circle.
3. Swing :: Recycled wood again in action to build this family swing. There is a bonus element of a single old rubber tyre hanging with a rope for some hanging adventure.
4. Maati :: Old limestone kiln with multiple trees around. Most unique element inside the Madhuca compound which we have been gifted with. Be here to check what it is. We serve our breakfast around its periphery with local cots.
5. Circular Fence Walk :: A circular walk around the Lantana fence of the compound provides the 360 view of the main mud based building design and its surroundings.
6. Indoor Board Games :: We have a plethora of board games to play in our Satkon. Many of these are traditional Indian board games to learn and enjoy our heritage with family or kids.
7. Outdoor Games :: We do offer a basic cricket bat and a tennis ball to start ‘Gully cricket’ in this wild land. Other options can be a Frisbee or Sampolia.

Beyond the Madhuca Compound -

Lets not forget we have a 10 acre estate which expands outside our sufficiently large Madhuca compound as well. We are blessed to offer our guests multiple other experiences within our estate but outside our compound to make it a wholesome wellness yet rustic package -

1. Cluster Well - This old man made giant dug well with a diameter of at least 30 feet resides right outside our Madhuca compound. Its water is muddy due to the thick foliage and droppings it consumes from its vicinity. The most unique part about this well is the 3 giant Indian Cluster Fig trees locally called ‘Umar’ which have cropped out from its walls. As a result all their fig fruits and bird droppings in addition to the leaves continue to fall here. We have a boundary wall made years back which ensures kids come in safe but still a caution is advised from our guests with small kids. Another speciality of this well is the undulating small soil hills found around this well, perhaps from the soil which would have come inside it when it was made some decades back. Last but not the least , on thick rainy days one can observe its recharge with the water from Satkon’s fish pond flowing right into it as our water conservation initiatives. It is the perfect place for a Hide and Seek, more so if Madhuca compound is added into the space to hide.

2. Play@Surwahi - This eco-tourism oriented play rides area is earmarked for serious fun amidst the greens of our forest. This suits all age groups being made of old rubber tyres and recycled wooden logs called ‘Mayals’ from our neighboring villages. It has specifically a physical fitness zone for doing morning workouts in the best outdoors. It also has 2 swings to bring back play for all.

3. Chalukya Temple - Hand sculpted by a Master Artist of Baihar this figurine of Durga Mata is her Mahishasur Mardini Avataar found in the Chalukya temples of Pattadakal and Aihole in Northern Karnataka. The sculpted statue is worth celebrating every inch. We offer regular prayers specially during festivals with Bhajan’s and Aarti’s at this sacred place of worship. Our architects have also done a fabulous job of creating the arcs around the sculpted statue.

4. Our Toilets - We are obsessed with contributing to minimal toxicity due to our presence in this wonderfully green land of Kanha. As a result we constructed one of the first Evapotranspiration Toilet referred to as EVT Toilet a few meters inside the entrance. This block of EVT is also disabled friendly and offers a full fledged Western Commode based washroom, an Indian Toilet and pure Bathroom for quick hygienic showers to supporting staff like Drivers or Helpers of our guests. This EVT system is worth understanding, reading and exploring. Our Second experiment is BioDigester Toilets with patented bacteria from DRDO similar to the one used in Indian Railways as Bio-Toilets. Here also the black water or human waste is treated without chemicals but through anaerobic bacteria within a container and what comes out is an odorless discharge used as feed for our plants. Our guests can observe this right next to our compound behind the Suites. This also comes to the fact that our Toilets are accredited by Woloo coming from Women’s Loo, an app based discovery platform for washrooms and powder rooms across India which can be used for changing diapers, pads, loo break etc. This certification from Woloo also comes from Toilet Board Coalition, a global non-profit working under World Bank to improve sanitation.

5. Arjun Pond - This is our man made pond with one thick walkable boundary as a solid Bund offering miles clear view of farming land outside our estate and the jungle wilderness beyond the D shaped pond inside our estate on the other side. Though this pond is mostly rain fed through a small rivulet named ‘Mandakini waterfall’ inspired by Bollywood fame we are attempting to make this all weather pond with water filled through the adjacent flowing small fresh water stream of Sandook at anytime outside of Monsoon. There is an Arjun Tree in the center of this rocky pond.

6. Farming - We attempt to grow some of our food ourselves, this can be vegetables or our grains. We have a small patch of farming land created right next to our compound referred to as ‘Bhoorsingh Baadi’ for experimenting with our own food. During the sowing or reaping season guests can participate in food produce related activities.

7. Volleyball - The last patch of our Baadi or Farming land also doubles as Volleyball court. This is a team sport loved by our village and surroundings with multiple talented players to join in. So if you have in you for a volley do insist to our staff to come and play along.

8. Birding - The best alarm calls in SSEK are by our avian friends. You can see them easily during the summer fruiting season with clear visibility on our compound tree of Pikdi (local nomenclature), Madhuca or Grand Mahua tree or Singapore Cherry tree. All these are well inside the compound. However SSEK is a birder’s paradise with multiple large fruit trees inside to Birding fanatics. We do offer binoculars to use strictly within our campus for this activity.

9. Halon Tower - Right opposite to the Umerpani Tower towards the Southern side is a tall standing fortress kind of stone pillared tower with a 4 side open multi activity room on ground floor, a close storage room on first floor with staircase and a nice terrace on the second floor. This terrace can be again reached through an iron ladder but offers clear views of Madhuca compound towards North, Sunset towards West and Jungle towards South and East. This tower terrace also becomes a birding paradise situated next to a tall electrocuted Mahua tree some years back which is a haven for various bird species to venture and get noticed. The ground floor is a photographic heaven and an ideal place for SunDowners, Private moments, family celebrations, candle night dinners, board gaming and even any group activities.

10. EcoTourism and Sustainability Tour - This dedicated walk demonstrates multiple examples through which we are working to be different from many while building our hospitality offering home. These can vary from building design, to water conservation initiatives to challenges in saving electricity or switching to solar to Recyclability of material to local procurement of people as well as material to community outreach initiatives. Depending upon the time this can be made exhaustive or limited.

11. Boundary Walk - We have a long wired fence of at least a km. Our guests can enjoy multiple terrains and landscapes within our estate campus. This forest trail usually starts from our Compound moves South East a bit reaching a quite dense forest with largest Mahua Trees of our Estate and neighborhood. Then it hits the old road which dissects our property and is now closed, proceeding close to the EVT Toilet views, taking a circle towards the Eastern flank and coming back to our North facing Entrance gate. From there the walk is on a trail which has reused clay country tiles called ‘Kavelu’ locally. This marked trail has bamboos and a Northern flank road outside to our boundary. This is also called Kavelu Trail. This meets our Pump House after a long patch with a glimpse of Satkon and Suites. From Pump House it ends towards the Compound flanked by our small farming land on the right.

12. Pottery - A bit dependent on the potter’s talent pool availability whom we avail from nearby potter’s village and also on season as this is strictly seasonal. But a brilliant activity for our guests and their kids to engage in clay play. We do have a potter’s wheel to try your hand rotating.

If thats not enough, do refer to our neighbourhood activities which we offer.

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Iintsuku eziyi-7 e Khairlanji Ryt.

Sep 18, 2022 - Sep 25, 2022

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Khairlanji Ryt., Madhya Pradesh, India

23 km from the Khatia entrance of Kanha Tiger Reserve, named and situated in the quaint small village of Surwahi, our estate's neighborhood is a blend of rural farming landscape with plenty of wilderness.

Our last mile mud road based access provides a strict ambience of venturing into the adventurous forest of Kanha with absolutely no sign of any human habitation in the near vicinity for first timers. We are blessed with virtues of unspoiled natural forest as well as farming activity right around us. Its evident from the panoramic views from top of our two towers -
a) Halon tower is larger in area but with only ladder access and at a height slightly lesser to Umerpani.
b) Umerpani tower the smaller one in terms of standing area but with stairs and situated at a height.
Standing on either of them nature lovers do get unparalleled paddy fields on Western and Northern flank of our 10 acres estate boundary on one side and thick forest of Mahua on the Southern or Eastern side. The same towers do act as excellent birding spots and stunning sunset views for our residents keen to click memories.

As a trivia, the four villages in our vicinity but in four directions are Sarekha, Surwahi, Khairlanji and Narna.

We are blessed with a number of real close natural attractions beyond the park safari in our immediate neighborhood. All of them offer a different landscape depending on the season you are visiting Surwahi Social Ecoestate Kanha a.k.a SSEK. The seasons are - Winter (October to Early March), Summers (Late March to Early June), Monsoon or Rains (Late June to September). Summers are also the time when the deciduous forest of Kanha sheds its leaves, hence the line of sight of crystal clear with barren woods all around. This area of paradise also changes its color, fragrance and scenery based on these times. From a wildlife perspective there are sightings of Indian Jackal, Wild boars, Barking Deer, Langurs and Hares depending on your luck.

Here is a list of attractions in our neighborhood, all of them are accessible either via driving or walking.

1) Sanduk Fresh water stream :: Small walking trek of 500 meters along the fresh water stream called Sanduk flowing right next to our estate property till the spot where Sanduk meets Banjar, one of the lifeline rivers of Kanha Tiger Reserve. We also have a small stop dam right next to our estate in front of our farming area on this stream. This dam becomes the starting point for the downstream trek to Banjar.

2) Banjar River :: 1 km direct walk to Banjar river beach front through the motorable mud road. This spot is ideal for river bathing more so during summers and late after monsoons when the water in Banjar recedes. Even for folks with No bathing interest this spot is a motivation for excellent vista photography on meandering rivers as well as relishing nice morning breakfast / evening snacks served on its beachfront with ground mats like an old school Picnic.

3) Khairlanji village :: Glimpse of the rural living with a 1-2 km walking tour of our neighboring village life of Khairlanji. This takes you across village houses providing an opportunity to observe or interact with their simple, organic and healthy living.

4) Baglipat Bridge :: For kids and families longing for a bridge walk and photographic shoot of Banjar river from a height we are just a kilometer away. This bridge connects the large village of Sarekha to Surwahi and is named as Baglipat bridge. It has a small temple on its Surwahi end. Every year this temple hosts one of the largest village fairs of this area on full moon day (auspicious Kartik Poornima) of Kartik month as per Hindu calendar or November of Gregorian calendar.

5) Friday Haat in Sarekha :: Sarekha the big daddy neighboring village of Surwahi is a happening place every Friday. Here we have a bustling downtown of sorts just 3 kms from our property showcasing healthy economic activity and trade in rural India. With a population of more than 5000 and all government amenities , the chowk or main square of Sarekha becomes an open air museum of sorts every Friday with temporary specialized shops popping up from all local dealers nearby. This is Friday market at Sarekha. Do shop with an open heart and enjoy the local sweets or street side snacking blessing 'TGIF'.

6) Surwahi Primary school :: For our guests keen to participate in volunteering we do take them around to nearby primary school of Surwahi which has come back to life again after Covid. Its 1.5 kms away from our property. The school comes lively whenever it hosts volleyball matches as the local popular outdoor sport in this belt.

7) Khairlanji Panchayat :: For kids having a flair for social sciences or convent educated parents recalling 'Civics' as a subject we have a practical class to demo. This gives our visitors a chance to understand the world's largest democracy at its grass root level. It also resonates well with the fans of Amazon Prime's comedy drama 'Panchayat' series aired in April 2020. Situated 2 kms away from our estate is the office of our local Panchayat. You may be lucky to view proceedings on a working day, meet and greet with 'Sarpanch' as well as visit the social welfare schemes including MNREGA projects being executed in our area.

8) Rata buffer forest :: Walking in this jungle is heartwarming, inner joy and a green riot anytime of the year more so after the first rainfall. The location is hardly 4 kms towards Rata village and there is magnanimous Sal forest on both sides. This forest is common place for sightings of Spotted Deer, Sambhar Deer, Langurs and Wild boars commonly. Everything else is a bonus. We even spotted a sloth beer here during a night drive back home in the summer. Advised to drive slow with rolled down windows enjoying the ambience around and being extra watchful at night. A drive late at night is nothing less of a night safari except the road is metalled. Recommended to take our trained and locally aware staff along while visiting this place.

9) Gidli Ghogra waterfalls :: Accessible via walking situated inside the forest area, this waterfall on Banjar is a must do place post Monsoon for Kanha visitors. Banjar river opens its span here with multiple tributaries offering a unique photogenic rocky bouldering scenery. Highly recommended to take our trained and locally aware staff along while visiting this place.

10) Potters Village Bodha :: On the way from Surwahi to local Tehsil Baihar lies the village of Bodha approximately 8 kms away from SSEK. This is also called potters village where most of the houses still stick to pottery as a primary skill, though being lost in the next generation. Try a hand around a spinning potter's wheel, dirty your hands with clay, know the difference between Red baked or Black baked clay utensils as well as watch some live utensils being baked in a potter's kiln. Kids and Art aficionado's will definitely enjoy this neighborhood of ours. To be avoided during rains due to bad roads in this village.

There are many exciting attractions but that will extend the horizon beyond 10 kms from our Ecoestate beyond the park Safari’s. So let's stick to the above 10 only and keep the rest to discover while you arrive there at our 'Coliving in wilderness'.

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