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Apartment El Fogher is located in a quiet and sunny area, close to the main facilities. It offers a wonderful view of the mountains and free Wi-Fi.
The accommodation includes a kitchen with dishwasher and fridge, a bathroom with toiletries, hairdryer and washing machine, towels and bedding. Ideal solution for couples and families. It can accommodate up to 9 people.

The apartment, spacious and bright, has a private garden and has recently been renovated combining with taste the aspects of tradition with the needs of modernity. It consists of a living room with the traditional fireplace "fogher", a kitchenette, three spacious bedrooms, a bathroom and a balcony. It can accommodate up to 9 people: 4 in the two double beds, 2 in the bunk bed, 2 in the sofa bed and one in the cot.

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4.90 out of 5 stars from 79 reviews

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Dont, Veneto, Italy

The apartment is located in the heart of Dolomites, the "most beautiful mountains in the world" as Reinhold Messner defined them, and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Located in the quiet and sunny Zoldo valley (between Civetta and Pelmo groups) and near to all major public services, the property enjoys the wonderful views of Bosconero and San Sebastiano mountains.

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  1. Ujoyine nge- 2015 Epreli
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Ciao! Siamo un’allegra famiglia di 4 persone: Ettore, Marta e le nostre due ragazze Giulia e Alice. Siamo italiani ma viviamo nei pressi di Zurigo, in Svizzera. Amiamo molto viaggiare e scoprire nuovi Paesi e i loro popoli, ciascuno ricco della propria cultura. Adoriamo il contatto con la natura in tutte le stagioni: appena abbiamo un po’ di tempo libero, cerchiamo di stare il più possibile all’aria aperta. Ci piace leggere e ascoltare buona musica. Amiamo le serate in famiglia: una casa, un piatto di pasta, una bottiglia di buon vino e qualche amico, in entrambi i casi sia i vecchi che i nuovi possono essere ottimi! Siamo persone ordinate e attente alla cura nostra e degli ambienti in cui viviamo. Non vediamo l'ora che possiate godere anche voi di queste magnifiche montagne. _______________________________________________________________ Hello! We are a happy family of 4: Ettore, Marta and our two girls Giulia and Alice. We are Italian but we are living near Zurich, Switzerland. We love traveling and discovering new countries and their peoples, each rich in its culture. We love the contact with nature in all seasons: as soon as we have a little free time, we do everything possible to stay outdoors. We like to read and listen to good music. We love family evenings: a house, a pasta dish, a bottle of wine and a few friends, in both cases, both the old and the new can be great! We are tidy persons and we take care of ourselves and our surroundings. We hope you'll soon enjoy these magnificent mountains. _______________________________________________________________ Bonjour! Nous sommes une heureuse famille de 4: Ettore, Marta et nos deux filles, Giulia et Alice. Nous sommes italien, mais nous vivons près de Zurich, en Suisse. Nous aimons voyager et découvrir de nouveaux pays et leurs peuples, chacun riche de sa culture. Nous aimons le contact avec la nature en toutes saisons: de que nous avons un peut de temps libre, essayons de rester aussi loin que possible en plein air. Nous aimons lire, écouter de la bonne musique et les soirées en famille: une maison, un plat de pâtes, une bouteille de vin et quelques amis, dans les deux cas, à la fois l'ancien et le nouveau peut être genial! Nous sommes ordonnés et soigneux de nous-mêmes et notre environnement. Nous sommes impatients que vous pouvez vous aussi profiter de ces magnifiques montagnes. _______________________________________________________________ Hallo! Wir sind eine glückliche 4 Personen Familie: Ettore, Marta und unsere beiden Mädchen Giulia und Alice. Wir sind Italiener, aber wohnen wir in der Nähe von Zürich, Schweiz. Wir lieben zu reisen und neuer Länder und ihre Völker, die jeweils reich an Kultur, entdecken. In allen Jahreszeiten mögen wir im Einklang mit der Natur leben: so schnell wie wir ein wenig freie Zeit haben, wir tun alles was möglich ist, im Freien Natur zu bleiben. Wir lesen und hören gute Musik zu. Wir lieben Familienabende: ein Haus, ein Nudelgericht, eine Flasche Wein und ein paar Freunde, in beiden Fällen, sowohl die alte und die neue super sind! Wir sind ordentlich Personen und wir kümmern uns um uns selbst und unsere Umgebung. Wir hoffen, dass Sie auch diese herrlichen Berge genießen können.
Ciao! Siamo un’allegra famiglia di 4 persone: Ettore, Marta e le nostre due ragazze Giulia e Alice. Siamo italiani ma viviamo nei pressi di Zurigo, in Svizzera. Amiamo molto viaggi…

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Our co-host will be available on site in case of need.
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