Beachfront Studio Kyma West ~ Crete's Hidden Gem

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Wake up to the waves of the sea, sail to remote caves, explore stunning locations, swim in crystal clear waters, dive at the shipwreck, bask in the sun, enjoy delicious food, mix with fantastic locals. This is your chance to take a close look at one of Crete’s most amazing places! Sleeps 4 guests. One large studio w/ queen bed, sofa bed, kitchen, sitting/dining area. Beachfront, 1hr 35min to Airport.

Ready for the holiday of a lifetime? This is your chance to take a close look at one of Crete’s most amazing places!

KYMA (sea wave) WEST is located in Southern Crete, directly upon a remote, secluded beach, where the sea is almost always calm, due to the gulf's orientation and the little islet, opposite, which forms a natural barrier onto the open sea.

Some of Crete's most famous destinations, each handpicked for their bright sun, scenery diversity and crystal clear sea, are nearby, reachable both by land and water.

Agiofaraggo beach and canyon, Martsalos beach, Matala, Vathi beach, Kali Limenes, The Shipwreck, Psili Ammos beach are some of the area's highlights, to name a few.

The morning sun shines through glass, making everything very bright, revealing the house's very modern decoration and the ingenious combination of wood, marble and glass.

Quite spacious interior and terraces will give you plenty of space to relax, while fantastic nature, wild land and peaceful sea surrounds you.

The Studio comprises a big sleeping / sitting / dining / kitchen area and a bathroom.
The whole house is oriented towards the sea, so that you have the beach and the water right in front of you, the whole time.
It is ideally insulated against heat and cold.

Here's a brief description of the studio's spaces:

The living area is equipped with:
- 55' Smart TV
- large sofa bed and a coffee table
- a/c unit

The bath has
- toilet
- vanity unit
- shower
- washing machine

Next to the lounge is the kitchen with everything you need for cooking:
- oven, stove, mini fridge, kettle, coffee machine, toaster, blender/mixer
- plenty of pots / pans /platters
- Serving utensils
- dinning table for 3 people

At the back of the room there is a queen bed with anatomic mattress and anti-allergenic pillows. Two night tables, the closet and the dresser complete the picture.

Outdoor areas include:
- a BBQ
- private parking area
- outdoor furniture

On the beach, you'll find your own private sun beds and parasol.

Kindly notice, that right next to ''Beachfront Studio Kyma West'', there is ''Beachfront Studio Kyma East'' , and above/behind them there is ''Villa Kyma'' (see pic 11)

Visit both these listings on Airbnb for availability and rates.

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Nov 18, 2022 - Nov 25, 2022

4.78 out of 5 stars from 9 reviews

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Kaloi Limenes, Greece

Kaloi Limenes or Kali Limenes is a village and port in southern Crete, located 82 kilometres south-west of the city of Heraklion. It has 21 inhabitants (2011). It is known for it's tranquil, clean beaches and it's hospitable locals.
It is close to the village of Lentas (ancient Levin), and the unexcavated remains of Lassea, a port for the ancient settlement of Gortys.

According to the Acts of the Apostles, Apostle Paul, landed at Kaloi Limenes on his way from Caesaria to Rome as a prisoner of the Romans, then proceeded further west along the coast to Phoinikas ("Phoenix"), identified to the homonym small village in the bay west of Loutro or Loutro itself.A small church was built there (first in Byzantine times, then restored in the 1960s).

The port is the home of a major oil storage and terminal facility, located on the small island of Aghios Pavlos ("Saint Paul") at the port's entrance.

To get here, you have to drive from village Pompia, in Messara Plane and follow the road to village Pigaidakia. The road is quite narrow and has several sharp turns, but is surely worth the effort. There's also a dirt road that heads to Kali Limenes from the Monastery of Odigitria that can be combined with a visit to the beach Agiofarago.

You will surely be enchanted by the beautiful beaches of Kali Limenes, which are suitable for swimming all year round. As its name name suggests, sea in Kali Limenes (i.e. Fair Harbors) is almost always calm, except in winter.

The first beach you come across on the east, when coming from Pigaidakia, is Makria Ammos (i.e. Long Sandy Beach). It's a long beach with fine grayish pebbles and dark deep waters. On the east there are some rocks in the sea. The first on the east, close to the shore, is called Aspros Volakas (i.e. White Rock), while the second one, far from the coast, is called Mavros Volakas (i.e. Black Rock). As you move eastwards, the coast gets quieter. Indeed, in the east part of Makria Ammos, you will meet a large number of nudists, enjoying their seclusion. Makria Ammos is also known as “Tamarisks” or “Trees” because of the several tamarisk trees along the coast, providing shade to visitors. These are very popular to free campers. Moreover, you may hear locals refer to Makria Ammos as Sissamolakos, a placename derived from the cultivation of sesame during the Venetian Times. The beach is not very well organized, but on the west there are few restaurants.

The area is center to a huge number of nearby amazing, natural destinations, all, far away from mass tourism.

Makria Ammos beach 1.1km
Psili Ammos beach 250m
Karavovrisi beach 2.1km
Saint Paul church at Kali Limenes 1.1km
Lassea beach (Chrysostomos) 1.7km
Agiofarago Gorge and beach 2.6km
Saint Anthony Church at Agiofarago 2.6km
Saint Kiriaki church at Agiofarago 2.5km
Vourvoulitis Lake 2.7km
Martsalo Beach and Gorge 3.4km
Panagia Church at Martsalo 3.3km
Odigitria Monastery 4.3km
Folklore Museum of Odigitria Monastery 4.3km
Ancient Lassea 1.6km
Maha beach 2.6km
Goumenospilios Cave 2.6km
Panagia Gorgoipikoos church at Pigaidakia 2.9km
Krigi beach 3.6km
Xopateras Tower 4.3km
Platia Peramata beach 4.4km

and also..
Matala, Lendas, Moni Koudouma (monastery with secluded beach), Vathi Beach, Gournia Beach, The RED beach and numerous beautifully sheltered gulfs, beaches, hidden caves and anchorages

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Hi, I'm Giorgos!

Born and raised on the island Crete, I grew up to believe this is the most beautiful place on earth. After I traveled a few years, mainly to explore business opportunities, I found out there is so much beauty in the world, that, wherever you travel, you cannot really say ''This place is the best''.

I can tell you one thing, though.

From all places I've been to, the ones I remember the most, are the ones where I met interesting people. People you meet in a place you visit, can have a huge impact in your overall experience there.

And this is my aim, as a host, here on Airbnb. Not only to bring you to a beautiful home, to spend your holiday, but to also get you acquainted with the local culture and people.

I represent ROYAL Vacations Rentals, a professional company for management and dynamic marketing of villas and homes with character.

I look forward to meeting you!
Hi, I'm Giorgos!

Born and raised on the island Crete, I grew up to believe this is the most beautiful place on earth. After I traveled a few years, mainly to explore bu…

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