Quiet Pied a Terre In Woodsy Village

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Our guest space sits about 30 yards from the main house on 1.29 acres of hilly, wooded land full of deer and birds and a meandering stream. The guest space is one room with full-size bed, alcove kitchen, desk, views of woods, full bath, Wifi, large closet, and garage parking if requested. It is 240 square feet about the size of a typical NYC studio apartment. Photos are included at the end of my photo stream. Stony Point is a mix of rural, New England-pretty and typical American small town.

Please also bear in mind this is not a remote-forest-experience (not in the least.) It's also not very posh and manicured -- more "Grey Gardens" than "Better Home and Gardens." We are situated in a town that's a mixture of rural and suburban. The house is bounded on one side by an acre (not a large area) of trees and stream, but on the other side there's a two-lane, paved road that gets plenty of traffic during the day. (Though not so much at night.) It is DARK up here after dark, so house numbers are hard to see and you'll do better with a GPS.

The guest house is small. The deed to the house says it's 240 square feet. A comfortable fit for one person -- but also for two (depending how they feel about each other...haha...or even three if that third is very small.) The optimal number of guests is one, as, in size only, it's a bit like one of those New York City studio apartments. Several single working people have spent months here, working out of the apartment and have claimed to be quite satisfied with the experience. The Wifi has recently been upgraded and people who need reliable web access should be fine.

The bed is full-size. (IKEA Malm frame.) The bath is full, with nice water pressure and ready hot water, and there is a kitchenette -- stove, refrigerator, toaster oven, coffee maker -- in an alcove.

You would be about 30 yards away from the main house where I live with my husband. The main house is of historical interest because it used to belong to the modern artist Jasper Johns. Indeed, Johns designed some of the unique features of the main house and he turned part of the house into a huge, light-flooded studio where he painted -- during what is known as his "hashmark" phase, i.e. after he did the flags and made piles of money.

Because the house is so unique I have been getting an increasing number of requests from filmmakers, videographers and fashion photographers who want to use the main house as a backdrop. Vogue Australia, for instance, recently did a big shoot here. Sometimes the booking requests come in with only two or three days of lead time. Bear in mind that a shoot may be booked at the same time as your stay. It should not affect your stay. The shoots -- even music videos! -- are quiet and will not affect your car's movements. Still, you should factor in the possibility that you may be sharing the parking area with a film's lighting and props van...

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Stony Point, New York, United States

Stony Point is what I call a Rubarb, somewhere between Rural and Suburban. Parts of this little town, notably Main Street where we live, look like any country road you'd see in New England. There are several churches, and many small homes, painstakingly landscaped with flowering trees. Other parts of the town look like Everytown U.S.A., i.e. not so scenic but at least amenity-rich with fast food restaurants and chain drug stores. We're big fans of Hogan's Diner in the center of town -- and apparently so is the rest of the town, as its always jammed to the gills. The food is good, they do takeout and there's a busy, bustling atmosphere. It's a family restaurant but the food is much better than at homogenized, franchise places like Denny's or Bob Evans. Waiting for a table is not bad at all. You can sit on a bench they provide and watch the local scene.

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My husband and I are hard-working editor/writers (is there any other kind these days?) and former long-time residents of New York City. We miss the city a bit but love the amount of SPACE we have out here. We're both also big nature enthusiasts so we like waking up to bird song and the wind in the trees. Nature would not be complete, however, without lots of NFL and NBA TV. If you ever want to talk Knicks Stephanie is your ticket. Given up on the Knicks? Bill, a former Brooklynite, still has high hopes for the Nets.
My husband and I are hard-working editor/writers (is there any other kind these days?) and former long-time residents of New York City. We miss the city a bit but love the amount o…

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