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Is an unforghetful experience! It is a mistic combination of modern and rustic atmosphere with a VIP treatment...

The cottage was fully recovered from a wreck thought to the beginning of the nineteenth century. It was recovered for four years for me and friends, only on weekends and even then often after lunch and "watered" did Gazette. To be rebuilt for me and for a time and in order to provide an enjoyable holiday will my family has details that can only enjoy this house.
Restored, fully equipped mobility and tries to align a rustic past with the contemporary. Identity. The past, present and future aligned.
natural beauty around you. The green. The sea in his horizon. The blue. The island of Graciosa can be sighted.
The cows. The contact with nature. The sun. The rain. The stones. A place to enjoy life and the magnificent sunsets sunsets. Ending another day, another day. A stove for chilly nights and LED lights of various colors to provide different environments. A garden to delight and fill the mind. A perfect spot to read. To grab the blankets. To have historical meals. To relax. To be.

The house disposes of 2 bedrooms with double beds and a single bed for drinks, full bathroom, a living room supported by a TV room with large LCD TV service with 200 channels and many cartoons for the children. A kitchen (fridge, stove and oven, microwave, magic wand for soup children), has washing machine and iron.

This is a wonderful place where you can spend a few days with friends, family or as a couple. Mixing great views, with a calm way of life, silence, trying to stop time. The new and the old

Free Wi-Fi in the home and surroundings, the password is given to you upon arrival.

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Biscoitos, Azores, Portugal

About Biscoitos? It is the most vacationer village of Terceira, friendliest, best microclimate on the island, where you can disconnect. Getting lost in time and space. Lying to yourself and to those who are with you. This is a place to find the Azorean dream. At peace with the sea. To disconnect the problems, and connect with nature.
Natural beauty. Green. The village has a Museum of wine is a must-see for lovers of good "drips. This served two mini-markets and a bakery / pastry with the best bread on the island. Four restaurants and many other snack bar.
  In case of necessity has a pharmacy a 5-minute walk only within a 20 km radius, ATM and citizen Store.
 And last but not least, the natural pools of lava the island exlibris with regard to use our idyllic ocean, pilgrimage point for locals and tourists. And so only a local, AL Under the bridge has access to most of the activities, 10 minutes from the volcanic crater of coal Algar and 15 minutes from the city of Angra do Heroism, World Heritage and many others of the city of Praia da Vitoria.
typical site. Mingle with the locals. Place of friendly people.

Umbuki zindwendwe ngu- Hugo Miguel

Ujoyine nge- 2015 Julayi
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I'm a Portuguese citizen, born and raised in the beautiful Azores Islands. After living for while as a student in Portugal main landing at the university in the degree of TOURISM , I've decided to return to the Azores where I currently live with my family, wife and two children. Travelling around the world is one of my favorite hobbies as well as hosting and meeting people from other countries. Being a "travelaholic" since an early age, made me realize that the world has an immense potential to widen your horizons and make you perceive how travelers expect to be hosted when they're abroad. I strongly believe on Henry Miller's statement: “One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing thindownloadgs. Azores ranked # 1, All QualityCoast certified destinations in the world's first green destinations Top 100 For the first time, a Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 is launched to celebrate the management efforts of the most sustainable destinations on Earth. The list is the result of open calls in the social media, followed by a selection by 30 international tourism sustainability experts. “The Global Top 100 aims to recognise tourism destinations that have worked hard to make a difference and take sustainability seriously", says director Albert Salman of GreenDestinations, info. “Nevertheless, no destination is sustainable for the full 100%." This is why the Top 100 present ratings of overall destination sustainability according to the only available global assessment tool for this purpose: the Global Sustainable Tourism Review, GSTR." The destination to be considered most sustainable overall is the Portuguese Azores archipelago, because it has the highest global sustainability score by GSTR: 8.9/10. The number of selected destinations for each continent reflects the relative size of international tourism to that continent. ////////////// GreenDestinations , info The Azores: first platinum sustainable destination The Azores archipelago has become the first destination to be awarded a Platinum Quality Coast Award in recognition of its high quality coastline and number of sustainable tourism programmes. Only about 5% of the nine volcanic islands are classified as ‘urbanised' and were also certified as a UNESCO European Geopark in 2013. ////////////// LONELY PLANET Just my cup of tea: An island-hopping adventure in the very verdant Azores Legend has it that car-maker Henry Ford offered his customers a choice of colours: black, black or black. The Azores are similar, only in green. Forget Fifty Shades: visit this Portuguese archipelago and you'll find yourself saturated in more verdancy than you could ever imagine. //////////////// DAILY MAIL UK AZORES - World's Most Unique Travel Destinations A big part of travel is that feeling you get when experiencing something completely new, something you haven't seen or done before. ///////////// FORBES USA The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan -Trek the Volcanic Islands of the Azores - Hike among geothermal springs, deserted beaches, and petrified lava landscapes in this Portuguese archipelago. //////// NY TRAVEL MAG By Adam H. Graham Smoke on the water - Nigel Tisdall explores São Miguel and the other Azores, islands that have barely woken up to their tourist potential. Photographs by Ken Griffiths. //////////// CONDE' NAST TRAVELLER "Not a beach destination or otherwise susceptible to mass tourism; indeed, its capricious climate probably impedes the flow of tourists. The islands' green volcanic mountains and picturesque black-and-white towns look set to remain unspoiled." ////////////// NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER "Wonderful place. Built environment in good shape. Locals are very sophisticated as most have lived overseas." ////////////// NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER "Remote and temperate, the Azores remain lightly touristed. Main visitor type is the independent traveler staying in B&Bs. The ecosystem—from the beautiful hydrangea-covered hills of Flores to the rock-bottomed bays of Terceira—is in great shape. Whales still a frequent sight. Local culture strong and vibrant. Not uncommon to be invited to a person's house for dinner, or welcomed into a communal meal during a festival." ////////////// NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER "As always, it is the getting there that counts. The more rugged the journey, the more secure the memory of it against the ravages of time - and the deeper the awareness of where you have arrived...." ////////////// THE NEW YORK TIMES TRAVEL - Escape to the Azores by Robert D. Kaplan "Evidence of the Azores' volcanic legacy is everywhere. Black honeycombed lava stone is the common denominator of all dwellings, from Baroque churches and manor houses to the humblest cottage. The natural beauty bequeathed by volcanic fury is even more noticeable. Lava-rich soil nourishes a patchwork of camellias, lilies, ferns, azaleas and hydrangeas, zig-zagged with lava rock walls. " ////////////// THE NEW YORK TIMES TRAVEL- Splendid Isolation In the Azores- By Barbara Paulson The Azores are “sunny, beautiful and safe but Portugal doesn't seem to know what to do with them," writes Andrew Mueller, referring to the nine islands as the “most undervalued, under-exploited asset in the world." ////////////// MONOCLE MAGAZINE (ISSUE 57) Waiting in the Isles by Andrew Mueller "...Like that island of rain and smiles, the landscapes of the Azores are abundantly green - but with added exoticism. The islanders appear to have raided every passing vessel for seeds and cuttings, and one of the joys of pottering around in a hire car is coming across parks, viewpoints and roadside verges that are exploding with flowers. The spikey orange blooms of wild ginger, originally from the Himalayas, are particularly noticeable, and where we have fields bordered with hedgerows, local farmers go in for lines of blue and white hydrangeas that in summer turn the islands into a vast floral garden...." ////////////// THE TELEGRAPH /TRAVEL, The Azores: Europe begins here by Nigel Tisdall. "A four-hour direct flight from Boston brings you to this string of volcanic islands, and transports you to an altogether other world." "At the end of my first day on Terceira, after racing to glimpse half a dozen of the island's spectacular mountains, lakes, and beaches before a helmet of fog settled down over them, I came across an arresting sight. In Biscoitos, a small village of red-roofed, whitewashed houses on the island's north corner, the mauve sunset collided with the blue ocean to frame a set of rock formations standing sentinel just offshore. It looked a bit like a Stonehenge of the sea. In every guidebook for the Azores — a string of nine volcanic islands sitting in the wide-open Atlantic between New England and Western Europe — there is a checklist of not-to-miss sights. It's a testament to the bounty of Azorean beauty that on the lists I had consulted, this gorgeous scene in Biscoitos was nowhere to be found." "The Azores just might be the most interesting destination you've either never heard of or never seriously considered. It's something of a mystery why more New Englanders don't visit the archipelago, which functions as an autonomous region of Portugal. It's not because of inconvenience. Boston is the only American city offering year-round nonstop flights to Terceira, whose population of nearly 65,000 exceeds the combined total inhabitants of the eight other islands. And the flight there takes only about four hours." ////////////// THE BOSTON GLOBE MAGAZINE - Azores, a perfect destination for Boston travelers By Neil Swidey "Just four hours from Boston lies a bit of Old World Europe that Americans have yet to discover. In the Azores, you can find crater lakes, ancient walking paths and renovated stone houses. What you won't find (yet) are crowds..." ////////////// EUROPEAN TRAVEL ON NBC NEWS - The new allure of the Azores by Christine Richard "Our airplane is descending in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and I can't get Barry Manilow out of my head. "It's a miracle!" he keeps singing. "A true-blue spectacle! A miracle come true!" ////////////// TRAVEL+LEISURE, Untouched Azores by David Hochman + INFO - you may please check these youtube channels: **Visit Azores | Top Ten Places to Travel by NATGEO traveler ** The Azores were recently announced in Fodor's list as one of the 25 must-take trips of 2013 including best emerging destinations, top values, buzziest hotspots, and most travel-worthy events. Please check this list on the web! **The volcanic mystic in the Azores | Top Ten Places To Travel by NATGEO traveler **Touch Nature in the AZORES by Discover the Azores **Amazing Azores - 720 HD by Ian Swarbrick
I'm a Portuguese citizen, born and raised in the beautiful Azores Islands. After living for while as a student in Portugal main landing at the university in the degree of TOURISM ,…
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Usually always do a check in where present throughout the home and its appliances, give information on the island needed to make our stay memorable! The Azores nothing less than that. And now here was, or will, notice.
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