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Stunning yurt property near Creede, Colorado

I-SuperhostCreede, Colorado, United States
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Just a few days left open in November for the season! We've had some snow but expect it to melt soon and the yurt should still be accessible by vehicle.

Read our reviews to see what other guests say about this amazing property! STARS like you have never seen before - check out the night pics taken by past guests. You won’t believe the views and the solitude you will experience here, just 5 miles from Creede.

We have temporarily blocked the winter calendar since it looks like the county will not plow as close to the yurt as in the past. It will likely be a 4 to 5 mile ski or snowshoe into the yurt and breaking trail through deep snow is very possible. Please contact Mark if you are still interested in making that kind of a trek and staying for a minimum of 3 nights.

We now go up in between each group of guests to disinfect common surfaces per Mineral County/Colorado guidelines. Guests must still clean the yurt before leaving (there is no cleaning service but also no fee) but the yurt will be disinfected for every group arriving now (see full details below).

Phoenix Ridge Yurts is a wilderness lodging establishment located in one of the most spectacular settings imaginable in the beautiful San Juan Mountains near Creede Colorado!

Since discovering Airbnb we now are connecting with cool people from all over the planet that want to come and experience one of Colorado's most unique mountain getaways. We have well over 100 reviews with close to 100% 5-star ratings and we want to make sure that your personal experience staying with us is just plain awesome!

We were featured two years in a row in Denver's popular 5280 Magazine!

**We are featured again this year in 5280 Magazine! It's the online version this year, look for the article "10 of Colorado's Coolest Remote Airbnb's". Scroll down to the third property description which 5280 calls "Mountain Farm Experience". Last year we were featured in the print magazine version.

**Dogs are allowed during the summer, but not in winter when guests melt snow for drinking water for obvious reasons.

Folks, this is a true wilderness experience in the rugged San Juan Mountains, so you need to be as prepared as if you were camping. The yurt is an awesome shelter which isn't like camping at all, but there is no power (except a small solar system), no running water, no Internet or cell phone service at all on the property. You are only 5 miles from town, but you are truly in the wilderness at the yurt!

** WINTER - You must be prepared to break trail through deep snow to get to the yurt. It is only one and a half miles from the parking area to yurt but if the snow is deep you must be in good physical shape and prepared for the trek in. We try to keep the trail packed but it can snow multiple feet overnight here in the San Juan mountains! Contact Mark for current trail conditions.

Some things to note before booking:
1. A true high-clearance 4WD vehicle is required for the last couple of miles or so to access the property! That means true 4WD SUVs, jeeps, or 4WD trucks. The road isn't all that steep, but it is rough and can get rougher quickly depending on weather, etc. You can bring any vehicle you like and many have and made it just fine. But there are no refunds if you don't have a true 4WD and can’t access the property. Please read our reviews about what others say about the road.

2. All adult guests must sign a liability release form before staying. I can set it up for you for electronic signatures if you like or you can print and email back. This is a true backcountry experience and it is essential that you are prepared for any situation, especially during the winter months in the rugged San Juan Mountains. No cell phone or internet for emergencies, wild animals are nearby, wild weather, and all the challenges you would face if you were backpacking — except you can drive back to town in about 15 minutes.

3. You need to bring your own sleeping bags, we provide a queen bed, bunk beds and cots but you will need a decent sleeping bag even in the summer.

4. You must bring your own towels, pillow cases and drinking water (summer/fall).

5. You MUST arrive during daylight hours! The yurt is not visible from anywhere, so it’s extremely difficult to find at night. Plan ahead please and stay at nearby lodging the night before if you must to be sure to arrive during the day. We do provide detailed directions on how to find the yurt and some Google Earth screenshots and GPS coordinates to help.

6. You must clean the yurt yourself before leaving, there is no cleaning service available but we also don't charge anything. We have had fantastic luck with the Airbnb crowd paying it forward for other guests by cleaning up and even leaving extra water, spices and other thoughtful items.

We provide:
Detailed directions on how to get to the yurt and instructions on how to use everything there with access combinations, etc. will be provided approximately 1 week before your stay

Google Earth screenshot of the yurt and local landmarks

GPS coordinates that you can plug into Google Earth to check out the vicinity near the yurt

Hiking document with some hikes right from the yurt along with links to topo maps and other resources

Unlimited firewood and a great wood stove that will keep you warm even in the depths of winter

All cooking implements; pots, pans, silverware, coffee percolator, metal french press

Paper towels and toilet paper

Queen size 12” memory foam mattress and bed (new in 2018)

New - Cabela's camping bunk beds. We removed the pull out sofa and put these in, they work great. You can take them apart and use as cots instead of bunk bed if you like.

Propane oven/range

Kitchen table and chairs

Attached 12’ yurt as a bathroom with composting toilet (summer/fall, outhouse in winter), shower stall (heat water in a Zodi brand shower canister, more below)

Battery/solar lanterns for lighting along with battery LED “light switches” throughout the yurt. Also some portable rechargeable (solar system) LED lights

Outdoor propane BBQ

Outdoor propane fire pit you can use even in a fire ban. NO OUTDOOR FIRES ARE ALLOWED AT THE YURT.

Propane provided for oven/range, BBQ and fire pit

Games and some books (more below)

Great deck for riding the planet. The weather, the mood and the seasons seem to change here hourly. Grab a bottle of wine and wonder why you just can’t seem to muster the energy for anything else.

Summer/Fall - We provide 7-gallons of wash water per day per 2 guests for the length of your stay during the summer/fall months. But you must bring all of your own drinking water since the wash water sits on the porch for days at a time and we don’t recommend drinking it.

You are probably ready to book! The info below is more FYI with extra details in case you are interested:

The yurt itself is a fairly modest dwelling, it's really the setting that makes it so special. But we pride ourselves in the level of communication we have with you beforehand to make sure that you are well informed and totally prepared for your backcountry stay with us and the yurt is comfortable and cozy. But there is no running water or electricity and also, so please don't expect a hotel-like setting. But if you love the great outdoors and nature, then you owe it to your self to come and visit.

What you get when you stay here is the feeling of being deep in the wilderness, yet having easy access and creature comforts surrounding you. You will still burn wood as your heat source and water is limited to melting snow in the winter or what you bring with you in the summer and fall. But this is a backcountry experience that you will never forget. Here is what you will experience when you stay with us:

27 acres of private land surrounded by a sea of National Forest. Not another private property or structure in sight. No regulations or restrictions from land-use permits for dwellings on Forest Service land. We own it!

1,000’ vertical foot drop-off out the front door into beautiful East Willow Canyon and Phoenix Park, with its perennial waterfalls and cliffs

Front porch view of the massive La Garita Mountains (13,000’ +) and the least-used wilderness area in Colorado, the La Garita Wilderness, just 5 miles away

Hiking, biking, skiing and fishing in the San Juan Mountains, one of the most spectacular, undiscovered, remote areas in Colorado

Yet you are just a 15-minute drive (summer/fall) to the historic and eclectic town of Creede with it's funky cool restaurants, unique shops and the amazing Creede Repertory Theatre rated by USA Today as “One of the 10 best places to see the lights off Broadway”. Wow.

A spectacular 2 mile ski or snowshoe in to access the yurt during the winter.

And that is just the property itself. If you have never stayed in a yurt, get ready for a truly unique experience. Our yurts include:

** NEW for 2017 we have all new quality cooking utensils; non-stick pots and pans, new Cuisinart kitchen knives, new silverware and great new set of non-scratch ladle, spatula, spoons, etc.

Lots of games to while away the hours; chess, checkers, cribbage, Yahtzee, Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, playing cards and more!

Indoor/outdoor thermometer, Fatwood natural fire starters and a HUGE pile of firewood for the summer and winter.

Tongue and groove pine wood flooring

Huge cast iron Waterford Irish woodstove. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets, if this baby is roaring, you will be toasty warm. We provide the firewood. NOTE you need to fully understand how to use the woodstove to keep the yurt toasty warm. We provide very detailed instructions on how to build and maintain a winter fire, but be sure you understand before your stay.

Kitchen sink, counters, plates, utensils, glasses, mugs, stovetop coffee percolator, stainless steel french press (It's awesome), pots and pans, everything you need except your sleeping bag, pillow cases, dish towels, food and water. You need to bring your own water in summer/fall and melt snow in the winter.

Plexiglas dome provides bright open light in the day and star-gazing from the futon at night

There is NO PHONE OR INTERNET at the yurt, you are on your own (yay, no technology)! We try to keep the trail to the yurt marked with bright survey tape in the winter that you can see from one tree to the next and nobody has had a problem as long as they ARRIVE DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS! It is essential that you arrive during the daylight, so if you need to stay at a local establishment the night before there are plenty of places in South Fork and Creede to stay.

Come and check it out for yourself and be our next 5-star guest!

Ukungena kondwendwe
Entire yurt and property.

PLEASE, YOU MUST ARRIVE DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS! High-clearance 4WD with good tires is REQUIRED to access the property! The yurt is not visible from the road, it is secluded and in the trees so arriving while it is still light is important.

Folks, the reason this property feels so remote yet is so close to town is that the last mile and a half to the yurt is not regularly maintained. In the last 20+ years the forest service has only graded the road twice to my knowledge. So it can be very rough and conditions can change literally overnight. So do yourself a favor and come and visit in a real 4WD vehicle. Read some of our reviews to see what others have to say about the road conditions to the yurt.

Ezinye izinto ekufuneka uziqaphele
COVID UPDATE - Since the beginning of the virus spread we now go up in between each group of guests and disinfect all common surfaces with Barbicide disinfectant. We also provide a clean, disinfected (washed in hot water with bleach), waterproof mattress pad for each group of guests arriving. There are also 4 new pillows with zippered pillow protectors (sanitized between each group) but be sure to bring your own pillow cases to put on top of the protector covers. There are plenty of other pillows at the yurt for extra guests, but we don't sanitize them each time. Many guests bring their own pillows if convenient. Kitchen sponges are also sterilized between guests by microwaving and then washing with bleach in the washing machine. We also mop the floors between each group with Pine Sol.

YOU MUST STILL CLEAN THE YURT. There is no cleaning service but also NO cleaning fee. This is a remote experience and guests are asked to leave the space and property as they found it (we make sure it's very clean each time). You will receive details of what to do before leaving in your yurt information email that will be sent out before you arrive.

Please remember that the yurt experience is really Glamorous Camping. We do our best to keep things clean but with no running water it is much more difficult to keep clean.

We provide several 7-gallon jugs of wash water for all guests. There will be several full jugs on the porch when you arrive but please try to use 7 gallons per day per two people or less if you can. You MUST bring all your own drinking water. The wash water is Creede city water but the jugs often sit in the sun for days and are not safe for drinking.

Liability Release Form must be signed by all guests before staying.
Just a few days left open in November for the season! We've had some snow but expect it to melt soon and the yurt should still be accessible by vehicle.

Read our reviews to see what other guests say about this amazing property! STARS like you have never seen before - check out the night pics taken by past guests. You won’t believe the views and the solitude you will experience here, just 5 miles from Creed…
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Creede, Colorado, United States

How about a neighborhood of just you? During the winter chances are close to 100% that you won't see another soul anywhere during your entire stay! Nothing but peaceful, quiet serenity will surround you as you melt away the tensions from the fast-paced world of technology that most of us must embrace every day. NO CELL SERVICE OR INTERNET at the yurt. One of the few places left on the planet where you can truly escape. Embrace it for a few days and be happy.

During the summer you may hear an occasional vehicle since there is driving access to the property, but the nearby access road is 4WD so there are typically very few vehicles anywhere nearby. And this is private property so you should not encounter anyone at the yurt itself. Yet you are less than 15 minutes from the town of Creede in case you want to take in a show at the Creede Repertory Theatre or grab a bite at one of Creede's eclectic and tasty restaurants.
How about a neighborhood of just you? During the winter chances are close to 100% that you won't see another soul anywhere during your entire stay! Nothing but peaceful, quiet serenity will surround you as you…

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After struggling to advertise this amazing property on my own for many years I discovered Airbnb and have never looked back. Let me just say this; the people that have stayed with me for the last 3-4 years booking through Airbnb are the coolest, kindest most interesting people EVER! I am consistently blown away by the “pay it forward” attitude of the Airbnb guests I host. They leave cool things (like games, books, maps, coffee) for other guests and they write the most amazing adventure stories about their experiences while staying with me in the yurt journal and in online reviews.  So a huge thank you to all my amazing guests and to Airbnb for providing the way for all of us to connect! 
After struggling to advertise this amazing property on my own for many years I discovered Airbnb and have never looked back. Let me just say this; the people that have stayed with…
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There is no cell service or internet at the yurt. We provide detailed directions to the property, and instructions on how to use equipment which you MUST print out and bring with you as there is no way to call once on the property. You will be left alone and have total privacy during your stay.

Sorry folks, no pets during winter months. Guests must melt snow for water, so for obvious reasons we can't allow dogs at the yurt. PLEASE don't contact us asking if your dog can come as the answer is the same for everyone including me. I have a dog that I take everywhere but I don't bring her to the yurt in the winter.

DOG UPDATE WINTER 2018: We are planning to build a 'snow harvesting' area near the yurt for next winter so people can bring their dogs. We are going to build a fenced in area with a gate where you can go in and safely gather snow to melt for water so you can be sure there is no contamination from animals. We heard you and are listening; everyone hates to leave the family dog at home (myself included). Stay tuned and we will update the site once the project has been completed.

Dogs are ok in the months when you can drive to the property, just be sure to pick up after your dog around the yurt. Thank you!
There is no cell service or internet at the yurt. We provide detailed directions to the property, and instructions on how to use equipment which you MUST print out and bring with y…
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