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The Full-Day "See It All" NYC Tour!
(PLEASE NOTE: If you need a date not on the calendar please message us! We will try our best to squeeze you in. Only the 11:30am Wednesday tours are shorter 4 hour tours of Central Park, Times Square, Midtown, Grand Central & views of the Empire State Building. All other tours are the regular 6 hour tours. Tours are in English.) Hi folks! New York City is the greatest city in the world and I want you to have the greatest time ever! This is mostly a walking tour but we also take the subway and of course a gorgeous boat ride on the harbor to see the Statue of Liberty! Our tour is also great for groups & families. Here is the itinerary: This is a Full Day Tour. We cover a LOT!! -Explore beautiful Central Park -See the magnificent & world famous Plaza Hotel -Stroll along expensive & fancy 5th Avenue -Magnificent architecture of St. Patrick's Cathedral ( we go INSIDE not just outside!) -Rockefeller Center/NBC Studios -Diamond District -Times Square (the most exciting place in the world!) -Lunch Break -Freedom Tower -9/11 Memorial -Wall Street (NY Stock Exchange) -Boat Ride Across scenic New York Harbor! -Statue of Liberty/ Ellis Island views -New York Skyline views -Brooklyn Bridge views We'll also view movie & TV locations, stop for plenty of pictures, try to spot celebrities, and much more!
Emerald Cave Kayak Tour Las Vegas
Emerald Cave Kayak Tour on Colorado River ▪ 5 mile kayaking adventure ▪ 3 hours on the Colorado River ▪ 6 hours total from pick up to drop off ▪ See amazing desert wildlife and the beautiful Emerald Cave ▪ Healthy snacks & fruit provided ▪ Short 5-6 min. hike on Historical Site ▪ Guaranteed fun included! Amazing 5 mile kayaking tour in the spectacular Black Canyon on the Colorado River. When you arrive at Willow Beach, get ready for an amazing adventure. Your guide will get you prepared for this amazing day ahead in your kayak. We start paddling upstream all the way to the historical Gauging Station 2 1/2 miles into the Black Canyon. You will have a chance to see all the desert wildlife: Big Horn Sheep, Coyote, Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle... Your guide will tell you all about the mighty Colorado River and interesting history, facts of the Hoover Dam! On the way back we will visit Emerald Cave and stop at a historical site where we provide healthy snacks, fruit and water. Includes - Snacks, water, shuttle service, life vest, single or double kayaks. What to bring - Hat, sunglasses, sunblock, water shoe (no flip-flops!), swimsuit and great attitude. Gratuity for your guide would be much appreciated. With Military ID/NPS Card the National Park entry is free. Adults $15, kids free. Free shuttle service from the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the Strip
Sacred Sound and Tea Ceremony
~••~SACRED SOUND BATH~••~ A Sacred Sound Bath is a live, immersive, meditative experience which works acoustically on your brain, body, and soul. As you sit or lie down with eyes closed, sound vibrations wash over you, taking you on an expansive inward journey. Similar to meditation, sound baths stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. You'll leave feeling relaxed, centered, energized, and uplifted. Sound Healing is an ancient-modern practice which comes in many forms across all cultures. ~ HEART CHAKRA TEA CEREMONY~ A Heart Chakra Tea Ceremony is an opportunity to connect with yourself and open your heart. Each chakra has a variety of herbs and flowers that stimulate and activate the chakras. Tea Ceremonies are a way to immerse into the power of the present, and increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra. The Ceremony aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space. It is your bridge for self reflection, healing, and inward expansion.
The Hollywood Sign Hike & COMEDY Tour
My friends JB, Elko, Jon and I are comedians and actors who have done some work on NBC, ABC, and even Jimmy Kimmel Live! We're just 3 dudes trying to make it in LA. We're gonna tell you approx 3000 jokes (some dad-related) about Los Angeles, ourselves, our experiences in LA, maybe a Justin Bieber story? Also, no one has better dad jokes than us. Not even my own dad. (Sup Dad)! This experience is great for groups, teams, and individual solo travelers. We're about becoming best FRIENDS. At the start, I’m gonna hand you the best tasting WATER in the history of water. All that and we haven even walked yet? INCREDIBLE. From there, we'll have y'all laughing so hard at our jokes and stories that you'll forget that we are hiking up a hill to the Hollywood Sign. Did we just become best friends?? WHAT ABOUT THE PICTURES? We stop at the BEST PHOTO STOPS for your own Cover Shoot. I've designed this hike for Instagram and can GUARANTEE You'll get 10+likes/photo. You’ll receive PROFESSIONAL photos of the sign, the skyline, and scenic panoramas that may break the internet with likes. Other tours take 1-2 pictures. I'll give you 75+ (Best Friend Move). We've been doing this for 5 years and love being the LA ambassadors to the world. Let us be your friend in LA and show you how LA is done by an actual local and not a "tour company."
Glow Night Kayak at Fort Lauderdale
~~~~~MORE DATES AVAILABLE!!!~~~~ INSTAGRAM & TikTok: @GLOWNIGHTKAYAK For those with an adventurer's spirit!! Join me in downtown Ft. Lauderdale to see the city like never before. Kayaks are 2-person kayaks, no single kayaks available. We will meet at a public park, gear up with headlamps, glow sticks, and life vests. We'll teach you the basics of kayaking before we start. Don't worry it is really easy and no prior experience is required (check our reviews). After that we'll start our adventure, we'll see all the bright buildings from the water as we pass right through downtown Ft. Lauderdale, you'll be amazed by all the lights from nearby restaurants, parks, museums and yachts that we'll pass by. Bring your phone to take pictures, we'll give you waterproof bags for your phone. After we get to a certain point, we'll turn around and go back to our starting point. Other things to note Weight Limit: - 230 lbs per person. Not 460 lbs combined weight. - No experience is required. BOTTOMS WILL GET WET. Bring an extra pair of shorts if you plan to do something else after.

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Hasidic Brooklyn
To many, the Hasidic world is shrouded in mystery and secrecy—well, not anymore. On this experience you get to see first hand the daily lives, rituals and customs of the Hasidic community, guided by a member of the community. Being able to access places seemingly closed off and hidden to the outsider. An opportunity to be able to ask any and all questions about the Jewish faith, culture and philosophy. We kick off the experience inside a Hasidic home, and learning about what it takes to keep a Kosher home. Then its off to the streets of Crown Heights, starting with exploring the world famous “770” Synagogue, getting a glimpse into the hustle and bustle of daily prayer services. Next stop is a Jewish scribe, seeing up close the intricate details involved in producing the Torah Scrolls. Followed by a walk down the avenue, visiting the local shops, and seeing the traditions dating back to the early 1800’s. If you don’t see availability for when you would like to join, please message us and we will try to accommodate. The experience will be hosted by Yoni or Mayer. The experience continues rain, snow or shine (just come prepared).
Discovering the real Tijuana
Guests will be transported from a centrally-located site in San Diego county to the international border in San Ysidro. With a Permit application already completed by host from information provided by guests, crossing the border will be cut from a potential 1 hour to about 10 minutes. Along with a brief historical account and cultural explanation, the experience will include a visit to the Friendship Park, a stroll through historic Revolucion street, as well as a the visit to several iconic areas of the city which will lead to a better understanding of its development. Visitors will also explore a colorful local market, where they will interact with local vendors, learn about, and have the opportunity to sample indigenous foods. The tour will conclude with a visit to a local food court where guests will have the opportunity to savor Tijuana's fusion cuisine, also known as Baja-Med. Finally, they will be driven to the international border, picked up and taken back to the original meeting location in San Diego. The host will escort guests the entire time. Other things to note -Valid passport ** Due to the recent re-opening of the border, the wait to come back to the US has been unusually long. Please expect to wait between 1.5 - 2 hours.
Let’s Goat Hike
Take in stunning views of the High Desert of the Mojave, accompanied by goats. We’ll meet our 15 friendly Nubian goats in their pens. They’ll wait for us to open their gate, and then these loving animals will show us the way. We’ll follow the herd at an easy pace into desert washes and onto boulders, where we’ll find beautiful spots to sit and chat—or simply gaze into the silence of the landscape, the gaping sky, and the goats enjoying themselves. We’ll walk about three miles and return with the goats after the sunset. Other things to note No phone connection the last 4.7 miles of dirt roads ( easy access :) & @ The Farm Long pants & suitable shoes for hiking are essential. Sun protection and hat. Plenty of water. Dress warm from October to April. Walk at your own risk
Game of Thrones Dire Wolf Encounter Hike
Join us for an unforgettable “Bucket list” adventure as you hike alongside an Ambassador wolfdog who has starred starred in her debut film “The Midnight Trip” and is also the cousin to the wolfdogs used in Game Of Thrones, the t.v series “True Blood” and the movie “The Lion and The Wolf”. During this guided adventure you will be experiencing the everlasting bond between human and wolfdog. Capturing memories and some “selfies” you’ll get up close and personal with this amazing animal while your guide talks about wolves' habitat, behavior, & the myths and misconceptions surrounding this apex predator. You will come away feeling educated, invigorated and hopefully inspired to continue to promote the preservation of these majestic creatures. Times may be flexible so please inquire if you’d like a personalized time. No one under 16 years of age. No Children. Signed waivers will be required for all participants. Please reach out with any questions. No other dogs/animals allowed
Run with the Pack
Tap into your wild side as you spend time with wolfdogs and learn the powerful lessons they have to teach in this intimate group experience! Beginning with a visit to our wolfdog compound, you'll meet the 30-plus rescues, hear their backstories, and meet some of the pack to interact one-on-one. You might even get a kiss (or two or three)! You’ll also get to walk alongside them during a light hike through the Angeles National Forest, where you’ll become one of the pack and further solidify your bond with the animals. NOTE: Please wear closed-toe boots or shoes, long pants, and weather-appropriate layers. Do not wear fur or dangling jewelry. If you have a cast or physical limitation, please notify us in advance.

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Learn To Eat Fire
Cat is international award-winning variety performer Vixen DeVille with 15 years experience in Fire Eating and Flame Manipulation. At the newly renovated Theatre 68 Arts Complex she will take you through the theory and safety precautions behind fire eating and body burning. We'll then actually light up the torches and explore this performance art fully with hand transfers, tongue transfers and of course, extinguishing the flame with your mouth. This is NOT an illusion! By the end of the session you'll be fire eating and body burning like a pro. Other things to note: Wear close-fitting clothes, sleeveless is ideal and either leggings or shorts. Flat shoes, no heels. Avoid wearing lipstick or body moisturizer & avoid use of hairspray. Long hair should be tied back. This experience is available for the single traveller but also ideal to book as a private event for a group experience or for team-building - please contact me for more availability if your preferred date and time isn't currently listed.
Old-Growth Tree Climbing On Lopez Island
Do something incredibly unique, climb huge trees 100-200 ft tall, including some rare old-growth trees. Explore and learn about unique ecosystem and wildlife of trees. Once you reach the top of the canopy, enjoy an incredible view of ocean, mountains, and wildlife including bald eagles. Great for groups, teams, and team-building too! Our itinerary will consist of: 1) Meeting and introducing ourselves 2) Signing a liability waiver 3) Listening to a safety talk and gear overview 4) Participating in a climbing techniques tutorial 5) Getting geared-up and checked by your guide 6) Completing a practice climb on our demo tree 7) Walking to the more secluded climbing trees 8) Climb multiple trees, between 100 and 200 feet high. Depending on the group and the climbers' ability, you will ascend one to four trees. Climbing 20 stories up coastal Douglas fir trees offers a stunning perspective few have ever seen. A guide will be climbing with the group the entire time. 9) Enjoying the view, eat at the top of the tree like a monkey. 10) Descend the tree by rappelling 11) Smiling and high-fives We have optionable battery power ascenders for $75 extra, to climb with a push of the button, if physical ability is a concern. Check out videos or pay for add-ons https://www.adventureterra.com
Hang Gliding
Take a tandem Hang Glider flight with an accredited instructor over Southern California. I'll handle the takeoff and landing, and you'll get to enjoy the amazing experience of soaring in a hang glider on a 15- to 45-minute flight. I’ll point out landmarks from above and explain how to maneuver the glider. If you’re up for it—and conditions allow—you may even get to take the controls for a bit. Other things to note This is a weather-dependent sport. Flight and flight times will vary based on weather.
Balloon Ride Over Native Saguaro Cactus
Before the sun rises and the warm sun starts to heat the cold sandy desert floor, you’ll be floating thousands of feet in the sky. You’ll fly over 300 year old cactuses and watch the desert awake from it’s nightly slumber from an amazing point of view. You’ll enjoy an hour flight, land softly, and spend some time celebration your experience with champagne and chocolates.
An Evening With Mark Twain
Bring a beverage of choice, tour the Twain Gallery and settle into a casual conversation with The Ghost of Mark Twain (33 year impressionist McAvoy Layne). No question will go unanswered because if Mark Twain does not have an answer he will have an opinion. Mark Twain is an excellent historian, where facts are not essential, so bring your sense of humor and love of human nature. (Minimum 2, maximum 6 guests) Other things to note Hours are adjustable Grown Dogs Welcome Masks not required in our region at this time.

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Swim and sightseeing cruise of The Miami Bay aboard my yacht
Ready to enjoy a great time with your friends or family? The experience on our yacht will be unforgettable, it takes place in the Miami Beach bay area. We will be waiting for you at the meeting point where we will gather and get ready to embark on the swim cruise. We will pass along the homes of some of the most famous stars who live in Miami. We will then reach a little island where you can enjoy swimming in the blue beautiful water, listening to music, and chilling enjoying the company of your loved ones. With a bit of luck, we'll have the chance to encounter some of the numerous Dolphins that populate this area. Our team and I will provide the best service possible so that you can enjoy this experience and take a beautiful memory of the city of Miami.
Experience Miami on a Beautiful Yacht
Welcome to SanBella, your number one Miami day charter option. This beautiful 45' Sea Ray Yacht features bluetooth stereo with an exceptional speaker system, spacious seating options, and an exquisitely maintained interior. Your trip will begin in Miami Beach, with options to go to Haulover Sandbar, Beer Can Island, Monument Island, Picnic Island or just cruise the breathtaking Miami's Downtown waterways. Feel free to bring snacks and beverages to enjoy on your trip, as a large cooler is available on board for your use. We also offer custom hours and starting time charters Contact Us! *What to Expect* Professional U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain Freshly Iced and Water Cooler Water Matt and Floaters Different Pickup Locations Options Bring comfortable swimwear, sunscreen, towels, charger, etc. USCGA life vests and safety equipment on board We do not have any additional fees except crew gratuities if satisfied with service.
A fun day in Wine Country Experienced guide/ driver
Discover wineries in Napa and Sonoma with a personal all-day private tour. I will pick you up from your hotel or home in the bay area or the wine country and drop you off at the end of the day. I love customizing the tour for my guest. After you book, I will send you a questionnaire to help me plan the perfect day for your group. I have access to get into the smaller, hard-to-book wineries. You will have the opportunity to see wine country like a local in the industry. I will also provide wine education along the way. You will visit three wineries and have provided a picnic at our second stop or you can choose to dine at a restaurant at your own expense.
Vegas Pool Party Crawl by Party Bus w/ Fast Pass Entry
This tour is the best way to spend a day of fun in the Las Vegas sun! Meet up with other party-goers at Mandalay Bay Hotel for check-in. From there, we will take you to Daylight Beach Club for a thrilling pool party. From there, you will also hop on our air conditioned party bus for 45 minute tour of the Las Vegas strip while listening to bumping music and dancing on the infamous stripper pole. Finally, your tour guide will get you into the 2nd Pool Party of the day in VIP fashion! To keep the tour fresh and exciting, we rotate the last stop. We only go to the best venues Vegas has to offer! Joining this tour allows you to skip those long lines to get into each venue. Who wants to waste their vacation time waiting in line? This is a day that your friends will be talking about for a long time to come!
Miami Skyline and Sandbar Boat Experience
Come with me and experience Miami from the bay. We will have beautiful views, exhilarating boat ride and the opportunity to get in the water at the local favorite Haulover Sandbar or Pace Picnic Island. Every experience will be given option to add additional time. Don't hesitate to ask!!!! Most locals will tell you — to really see Miami, you must get out on the water and there is no better way to experience it than a Miami Boat Excursion with us on our 2019 Robalo Cayman 246 if perfect for groups of 6-8. We will depart from Haulover boat ramp and cruise the bay getting very close to the homes of the rich and famous, as we cruise this will give us the opportunity to see more of the city such as the Skyline of Miami Beach, Port of Miami, Brickell, and Downtown. If we are lucky we will get to see some of the diverse wildlife such as dolphins and manatees. You will also be given option to get in water at Haulover Sandbar or one of the many Islands close to the city. What we include: Music from our playlists (unless booked privately), Floating Pad/Mat(By Request), Water, Ice, Cups and Fuel. (Weather Permitting) We will depart Weather Permitting. Please check the weather before booking your experience.
Spectacular views of Skyline Miami/ Swim at awsome Sandbar
Hello, my name is Ramon and for us it will be a pleasure having you with us. We have for you and your guest an unforgettable yacht and unique tour along the Miami coast starting in Sunny Isles Beach. **Our itinerary will be: 1- First we will stop at sandbar experience where you can swim, snorkeling and enjoy all the stopped yachts with live music and an excellent atmosphere. 2- Second we are ready to navigate by Bal Harbor marine 3-Third we will pass in front of Mansions on Indian Creek to See the Homes of Millionaires & Celebrities. 4- Fourth we navigate at the Miami and Sunny Isles canal and maybe have the opportunity to See dolphins, manatees & a variety of fish. 5- Fifth you can see the beautiful buildings around there and take beautiful pics from you and your guests. Important to know: 1-Our captains are certified & licensed, giving you a safe experience from start to finish. 2-During the trip, you'll enjoy your own music thanks to the Bluetooth sound system. 3-You can choose the sunset or nighttime and enjoy a view of downtown Miami illuminated by the great buildings. 4-You can brings your own alcoholic drinks and snacks, we will have to you a cooler with ice and water 5- Our trip its one of the largest at the zone right now (3hrs) and all fees are included as captain and fuel. Be free to ask and its will a pleasure answer it
The Full-Day "See It All" NYC Tour!
(PLEASE NOTE: If you need a date not on the calendar please message us! We will try our best to squeeze you in. Only the 11:30am Wednesday tours are shorter 4 hour tours of Central Park, Times Square, Midtown, Grand Central & views of the Empire State Building. All other tours are the regular 6 hour tours. Tours are in English.) Hi folks! New York City is the greatest city in the world and I want you to have the greatest time ever! This is mostly a walking tour but we also take the subway and of course a gorgeous boat ride on the harbor to see the Statue of Liberty! Our tour is also great for groups & families. Here is the itinerary: This is a Full Day Tour. We cover a LOT!! -Explore beautiful Central Park -See the magnificent & world famous Plaza Hotel -Stroll along expensive & fancy 5th Avenue -Magnificent architecture of St. Patrick's Cathedral ( we go INSIDE not just outside!) -Rockefeller Center/NBC Studios -Diamond District -Times Square (the most exciting place in the world!) -Lunch Break -Freedom Tower -9/11 Memorial -Wall Street (NY Stock Exchange) -Boat Ride Across scenic New York Harbor! -Statue of Liberty/ Ellis Island views -New York Skyline views -Brooklyn Bridge views We'll also view movie & TV locations, stop for plenty of pictures, try to spot celebrities, and much more!
Mid-Day and Sunset Sails on Seattle's Majestic Puget Sound
There is a sense of magic in setting your sails, allowing the wind to carry you across water. I will gently encourage everyone to take a turn steering the boat, to feel the uniting force of wind and water. After all these years, I still find it enchanting. We will leave the dock at Shilshole Bay Marina, motor out past the city’s famed Golden Gardens Park, watch for sea lions loafing on the Meadow Point buoy, and then set sail, heading West across Puget Sound toward the magnificent Olympic Mountains. Along the way we will watch for orcas, schools of Dahl’s porpoises, sea lions, harbor seals, jumping salmon, bald eagles, great blue herons, cormorants, diving gulls, and other wildlife. On the Sunset Cruise we will keep a careful watch as the sun sets behind the Olympic Mountains, for the resulting lightshow is something you will want to capture on camera. As the sun drops behind the well-named Mount Olympus and other peaks in the range, it often illuminates the feathery horizon clouds into glorious colors. Join the Fun: Please don’t be shy about joining a cruise that already shows guests booked. It is always special when guests from different cities, states … and countries … come together to share this inspiring experience. Whichever voyage you choose -- Morning, Afternoon, or Sunset -- it is always magical to fill the sails on the beautiful waters of Puget Sound.
Vegas Club Crawl by Party Bus w/ Drinks & Photos
This Nightclub Crawl is the ultimate night out in Las Vegas. Meet your host at the Mandalay Bay hotel where your host will escort you to Foundation Room Nightclub where you will get VIP fast-pass entry and no cover charge. While you're in Foundation Room, make sure you step outside to take one of the most picturesque selfies imaginable with the iconic Las Vegas Strip as a backdrop. Then, meet up with your host and hop on our decked-out party bus as we cruise the Las Vegas Strip. We will also stop at the world famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign where our professional photographer will take your pictures. Finally, we will escort you into the 2nd nightclub where you will get VIP fast-pass entry and no cover charge. To keep this tour fresh and exciting, the 2nd nightclub rotates. We work with XS Nightclub, Encore Beach Club, Zouk Nightclub, Drais Afterhours, Daylight at Night & more! You can stay in the 2nd nightclub as long as you'd like, they usually close around 3:30 - 4 AM. At the end of the night, we suggest taking an uber home.
Las Vegas Nightclub Vip Experience - Skip the long lines
Start the night meeting your club tour host at Mandalay Bay at 9:30pm. Your club host will escort you and your party directly into the 1st club while by-passing the long wait in line. You will need a valid photo ID for entry into the nightclub. You'll have access to the rooftop of the first club, and enjoy Top 40 Music, Hip-hop and R&B. Get some amazing photos of the Las Vegas strip from high above on the rooftop of Mandalay Bay. Live DJ, and dancers throughout the venue will keep you entertained for a good hour before you'll regroup and meet up with your club host. You'll then board the Vip Party Bus, filled with other like-minded partiers ready to head to the next club venue. The Party Bus will bring your group to one of the most popular large Nightclubs in Vegas! You'll once again be escorted into the nightclub, while avoiding the longer wait in the general admission lines. This club tour is a must-do if traveling to Vegas, especially if you're going out in nightlife. You have options to check out other club tours of course, but our guess is you'll probably want flexibility and the opportunity to "stay or go" at any of the clubs we take you to. That's perfectly ok with us, as we also have flexibility! At end of the night, you're welcome to stay at the nightclub as long as you wish. Uber back safely, and sleep!
Temecula Valley Wine Safari
We're hosting a "safari style" tour of the beautiful wine country in Temecula Valley! Stunning vineyards, and boutique wineries are nestled into the hills of Temecula - and we want to take you to our favorites! We offer an open-air, safari Jeep experience to some of the coolest wineries in Temecula. You'll hop into our Jeep Gladiator, equipped with safari doors, a sound bar (for pumping your favorite tunes), and a roof rack for storing all your glamorous gear. We'll also have YETI coolers filled with extra hydration in case you get thirsty. Then we're off to explore! A full 3 hours of backroads, wine trails, and fantastic wineries. On our safari, we make 3 stops, and visit a selection of top-rated (yet surprisingly uncommon) wineries. You'll get to sample award-winning wines, and enjoy the incredible views that Temecula offers. During our tour, we’ll have a mini-photoshoot in one of the beautiful, Temecula Valley vineyards. Finally, we'll drop you off - along with a complementary bottle of one of our favorite local wines. Wear your sexiest khakis, and bring some sunscreen - it's going to be a wild ride! A Southern California safari at it's best.
Top Jet Ski Rentals in Miami
#1 JET SKI TOUR FOR A FULL 1 HOUR ADVENTURE - FREE BOAT RIDE TO JET SKI DOCK A local guide will lead the way as you explore Miami's blue waters and experience the beautiful views of celebrity mansions, islands, city & sandbars. ADVISORY* This is an EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE #1-You pay $15 per person through AirBnB. #2- Each Jet-Ski has 2 seats. #3- Once you arrive, will pay the remaining balance of $125 per jet ski which covers the equipment rental, insurance and gas. Lastly, a designated instructor will be there to assist in your safety and transportation.
Las Vegas Party Bus Night and Pool Club Tour
*When you arrive at check in you will sign your wavier, get your wristband, check in, and meet the rest of your group. After most of the group has arrived your we will escort you to the first venue where you will receive your expedited entry and free club cover. Here you can stick with us in a group and dance to your hearts content to the hottest Dj's Vegas has to offer, or take a more laid back approach and grab a drink in the lounge area. Either way you do it, these night clubs are an unforgettable experience. You will spend approx. one hour to one hour and twenty minutes at the venue *After the first club the party bus will pick you up and take you to the second club. On the party bus your host will serve you unlimited drinks. We have dance bars, DJ made playlists, and party lights going as your party bus cruises down the Las Vegas strip (aprox. 25 min ride). Here you'll get to mingle with our squad and get to know everyone... from groups to solo travelers!! After the bus ride we pull up to the second club, again you won't pay any cover charge and skip the line to get in like a real VIP... you are welcome to stay and dance the night away!! *NIGHT club tours are 10 pm to ??? and DAY club tours are 11:30 am to ??? Day Club tours are seasonal from April to October. We can accommodate any group size!
Harlem history with a community leader
Our experience bridges important time periods together. We begin at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, the premier center of its kind in the world. We'll explore how Africans, forced to leave their homeland, came to both the Caribbean and the Americas through slavery. You will understand how they impacted food, music, popular culture and dance with exhibits, film or sound. Their struggle made Harlem a center for social movements from the mid 1880s to the present. We touch on the Trans Atlantic Slave trade, its impact on human relations between American-born citizens and immigrants at that time. We'll delve into the New Negro Movement, which sparked the modern civil rights movement in this country and explore depression-era exhibitions such as the recently restored WPA murals in Harlem Hospital. Together, we’ll discover how we can learn how to heal from the past to move towards a better future. If you know that you will be in town for several days, book early so I can assist with an itinerary that can include a lindyhop or tap dance class and /or food tasting. Other things to note Feel free to bring your own camera to take pictures and dress appropriately for the weather.
Three-Hour Luxury Yacht Experience In Miami Beach w/Captain
Cruise on a 40ft Luxury Yacht through Miami's Biscayne Bay stopping at the crystal clear waters of Miami Beach or Haulover Sandbar for some swimming or relaxing. *Contact us for any custom dates and times not shown. (We will send you a Customized Airbnb link) *Extra Hrs: $300 Each Additional Hour * PRIVATE GROUP EXPERIENCE ONLY* The boat is equipped with a premium sound system (BlueTooth), kitchenette, bathroom, dinette, and LED lights. Our boat & captain are certified & licensed by the USCG, giving you a safe experience from start to finish. This 3-hour Boat tour is perfect to experience and enjoy Miami Beach in a unique way. Great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelor/Bachelorette/Wedding Parties or any special occasion. You will see the houses of the rich & famous and might see dolphins, manatees & a variety of fish. We'll stop by the sandbar or to the small islands of Miami Biscayne Bay where you can go for a swim. You can choose from Day Time, Sunset, or Night Cruise enjoying the beautiful view of the downtown Miami Skyline. Navigate by: -Biscayne Bay -Haulover Sandbar-Day -Millionaires Row -Venetian Island -Flagler Monument Island Includes: *13-person Floating Pad *Snorkeling Equipment *USCG Cert. Life Jackets *Bluetooth Sound System *Water, Ice, & Cooler Not Included: *Captain's & Crew Fee $60 per Hour NOT PERMITTED ABOARD YACHT * Hookah * Red Wine * NO SHOES