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    In the aftermath of a disaster, there is often a critical need for emergency housing.

    Airbnb.org currently supports:

    • People impacted by an emergency and relief workers responding in an official capacity
    • Refugees and asylum seekers

    If you’re eligible and need emergency housing, find out how to book an emergency stay through Airbnb.org.

    Disaster relief

    In some instances following an emergency, Airbnb.org activates a platform which allows local Hosts to offer their space for free to those impacted.

    When the platform is activated, people impacted by the disaster can submit a request for emergency housing through a dedicated website for the event.

    Guests need to provide proof of permanent or local travel address and their information will be reviewed by Airbnb.org or its service providers before they can book.

    After Airbnb.org verifies their eligibility, they may book a free stay offered by Hosts via Airbnb.org.

    To be eligible for an Airbnb.org stay as a relief worker, guests must be referred to the program by an official partner of Airbnb.org.

    Refugee housing

    There are many barriers for people who are trying to rebuild their lives in a new place. Before settling into permanent housing, refugees and asylum seekers need to finalize paperwork, search for jobs, and find a temporary place to stay.

    To be eligible for an Airbnb.org stay as a refugee or asylum seeker, guests must be referred to the program by an official partner of Airbnb.org.

    All guests eligible for refugee housing have the legal status of a recognized refugee entitled to international protection as determined by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and/or have begun the process of seeking asylum in the country where they currently reside.

    All guests and Hosts who use the Airbnb platform to support Airbnb.org or utilize Airbnb.org’s programs must agree to Airbnb's Community Standards and the Airbnb Terms of Service. Learn more about Airbnb’s trust and safety standards and policies.

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