Izinto ezicetyiswayo ziza kubonakala emva kokubhala kwindawo yokukhangela. Sebenzisa iaro enyukayo nehlayo ukuze uwahlole. Sebenzisa iqhosha elingu-enter ukuze uyikhethe. Ukuba ukhethe amabinzana, loo mabinzana ngawo aza kukhangelwa. Ukuba ucetyiswa ngelinki, ibhrawza iza kuya kwelo phepha.
Indlela yokuyenza

Xa Umbuki Zindwendwe efuna imali engakumbi

Don’t worry: All pricing information is included when you book—but there are a few situations where you may owe more after paying:

  • You change your reservation (ex: You add another guest)
  • Your Host files an AirCover for Hosts request for damage that occurred during your Airbnb stay
  • Your Host requires taxes be paid at check-in—this should be clearly stated in the listing prior to booking
  • You booked a place, usually a hotel, that charges additional fees collected at check-in or within 48 hours of checkout—these must also be stated in the listing and your price breakdown prior to booking

When to dispute

We don't allow Hosts to charge a pet fee or cleaning fees for animal hair or dander to guests who are traveling with service animals anywhere or emotional support animals in places where applicable laws prohibit the extra fees, such as New York State and California.

If a Host tries to charge you for something that violates our policies or wasn’t stated in the listing, the price breakdown, or their message thread, please be sure to dispute the charge in the Resolution Center.

How to pay

If you agree with the charge, always pay the Host through the Resolution Center, never directly. Be sure to keep all payment transactions on Airbnb—otherwise, we can’t help with issues related to off-site or cash payments.

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