Izinto ezicetyiswayo ziza kubonakala emva kokubhala kwindawo yokukhangela. Sebenzisa iaro enyukayo nehlayo ukuze uwahlole. Sebenzisa iqhosha elingu-enter ukuze uyikhethe. Ukuba ukhethe amabinzana, loo mabinzana ngawo aza kukhangelwa. Ukuba ucetyiswa ngelinki, ibhrawza iza kuya kwelo phepha.
Imimiselo esemthethweni

Inkqubo Yokwazi Ukubhukisha Okwexeshana KwiAirbnb Yomsebenzi: Imimiselo Nemiqathango Yabalawuli Bezohambo

These terms supplement the Airbnb for Work Terms to enable your organization to invite individuals to make a Work Booking on Airbnb even if they do not have an email domain associated with your organization. This feature is referred to as Temporary Booking Access (the “TBA Feature”) and each individual invited by your organization to use the TBA Feature will be referred to as a “TBA Invitee.” If a TBA Invitee decides to use the TBA Feature, they will be referred to as a “TBA Booker” and their Bookings will be referred to as “TBA Bookings”.

Additional Terms to the Airbnb for Work Terms that apply to use the TBA Feature:

  • Your organization will direct Airbnb to invite individuals to use the TBA Feature by providing an email address and other personally identifiable information to Airbnb and for Airbnb to use for this program. You are responsible for compliance with applicable laws including privacy laws to share such information with Airbnb and for Airbnb to use the information for this program. You shall have obtained all necessary consents or authorization from each TBA Invitee to share their information with Airbnb to utilize the TBA Feature.
  • Airbnb will send an invite to TBA Invitees to make a Work Booking on Airbnb. If a TBA Invitee chooses accept the invite and use the TBA Feature, they will automatically be able to make a TBA Booking. If they are not already Airbnb Members, they will be required to become Airbnb Members, using the standard Airbnb registration process, in order to use the TBA Feature.
  • You authorize Airbnb to share and display your company name to the TBA Invitee and TBA Bookers in connection with the TBA Feature.
  • Only Airbnb registered users will be able to make a Work Booking.
  • Each TBA Booker will be able to use Airbnb to make one Work Booking which will be charged to your organization’s payment method (such as central billing or invoicing) which you authorize payment for, unless the TBA Booker chooses to use their own payment method.
  • Your organization will set a date range for Work Bookings by the TBA Invitee. After the last day of the date range (the “TBA End Date”), the TBA Invitee’s access to make a TBA Booking will be automatically revoked. The TBA Invitee will have access to make a TBA Booking from the date the TBA Invite is sent until the TBA End Date.
  • The TBA Feature enables you to include rules for the date range and amounts for the TBA Booking, but you acknowledge and agree that these booking rules will not prohibit the TBA Booker from making a Work Booking that is outside of these guidelines.
  • Your organization is responsible for informing each TBA Invitee of your organization’s travel policies and guidelines.
  • TBA Features should not be used for Professionals that have an email domain associated with your organization so that you maintain the ability to approve those requests and maintain they are verified emails.
  • TBA Invitees must use the TBA Booking feature prior to the TBA End Date, which will not exceed 6 months. If they do not use the TBA Feature in this time frame, you will need to send a new TBA email.
  • You authorize Airbnb to charge your company’s payment method for all TBA Bookings and any cancellations resulting from cancellation of a TBA Booking.
  • You may need to contact Airbnb’s customer support to modify or cancel TBA Bookings.
  • TBA Bookers will not be able to be authorized to book for other Members.
  • The Airbnb for Work Terms still apply and such TBA Bookers shall be treated as “Professionals” on your Dashboard. Your organization shall have all rights and obligations with respect to TBA Bookers as if they are Professionals under the Airbnb for Work Terms.

Modification / Termination

Airbnb reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time in accordance with this provision. If we make changes to these Terms and Conditions, we will provide you with prior notice by posting the revised Terms and Conditions on our website before they become effective.

Airbnb reserves the right to terminate the TBA Feature at any time by posting a notice on our website or directly to you or your organization, after which time the TBA Feature will not be available.

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