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When you host or help with hosting on Airbnb, you may be asked to provide information such as your legal name, date of birth, or government ID for verification. These details are required by law as part of a process called Know Your Customer (KYC). If anything’s incorrect, your account permissions could be limited, and you may not be able to receive payouts.

If any of this information is required for your account, we'll let you know. You'll receive an email and notifications in the app with instructions on how to provide what's needed. 

KYC requirements

KYC is a regulatory requirement to help protect our community from fraud and to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Nearly every large company licensed to issue payments to individuals has to comply with KYC—in other words, we’re required to know who’s accessing the Airbnb account, and who’s getting paid.

Why this is important

If any information is incorrect, incomplete or out of date, your payouts may be interrupted until we can verify your account, and your account could even be flagged as potentially fraudulent.

How we use your information

Rest assured, we value your privacy and safety. When we ask for personal information, we take proper measures to protect it. We only verify the information you provide to help keep your account secure and to help prevent financial crimes. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

What’s required

When you start to host, and periodically throughout your time hosting on Airbnb, we'll reach out for information and updates.

The exact information we request may vary by regional regulations. Typically, it includes:

  • Your full legal name: This is what appears on a government ID or official document. It may differ from your Airbnb profile name. What you enter as your legal name won’t change your profile name.
  • Your home address: This is the physical address where you live, which may differ from your Airbnb listing address(es). It’s used to confirm your identity and won’t be shown on your listing or shared with guests.
  • Your date of birth: You may have entered this elsewhere, but we still need to confirm it.
  • Your place of birth, citizenship, and/or nationality: This is only used to confirm your identity.

You may also be asked to provide a government ID.

When business information is required

If you have a registered business, partnership, or a private or public company, and if your account is in any way connected to one or more businesses, the KYC process may require us to also verify your business info. You may be asked to provide information such as your business name or business documents for verification.

We may also be required to confirm information like your Tax ID as well as request government IDs for people associated with your Host account, such as those who manage reservations and payments using your Host account, Co-Hosts on your listing, and the owners, managers, or directors of any businesses related to it.

When beneficial owner information is required

A beneficial owner is anyone who directly or indirectly owns or controls more than 25% of a business. If there’s a registered business or legal entity associated with your account, you’ll be asked to provide information for these people who own or control the company. This information is also required by KYC in order to prevent financial crimes.

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