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The Airbnb community works best when its members know and trust each other. We’re always identifying ways to help make our community as secure as possible for everyone. 

Although no identification process is foolproof and we cannot guarantee someone’s identity, we take steps to help everyone to feel confident that guests and Hosts on Airbnb are genuine. This is why we have procedures in place to attempt to verify the identity of our users.

Often, your legal name and address and/or other personal information are enough for us to verify your identity. We may also ask you to provide a copy of your government ID that includes a photo of you.

Check out our Privacy Policy and our guidelines on verifying your identity.

Types of Government ID

Depending on your location and what country you’re from, you may be able to verify your identity with one of the following types of Government ID:

  • National identity card: Must include name, photograph, and date of birth
  • Driver’s license: 2 photos—one of the front of the license and one of the back
  • Passport: Photo must include the numbers located at the bottom of the page with your picture


Sometimes we may ask for a selfie to match it with your Government ID. If you can’t provide a selfie that matches your Government ID, you can contact us for an alternative verification method.

Note: When submitting a selfie, make sure there are no other people in the photograph.

Invalid IDs

Don’t use IDs for school, college, library, gym or similar. These aren’t government-issued—and we can’t use them to verify your identity. We're also unable to accept military IDs for the identity verification process.

Submitting your ID

For most countries and regions, you can provide a standard, unedited photograph or copy of your ID. However, for these countries and regions, some conditions apply: Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Machine readable zone (MRZ)

Most ID cards feature a section that is machine readable. Often this is at the bottom on the front or reverse of the card. The machine readable zone is recognizable by the repeated use of the arrow (<) character. Ex: <<<<<<<<<<<. If you are covering any of this section of the card, make sure that only the necessary digits or alphanumeric characters are covered.

Need help?

If you are unable to provide a form of identification that we accept—or if you are unable to provide a selfie that matches your Government ID, you can contact us to arrange an alternative verification method. Examples: 


  • Appearance at present does not match your Government ID
  • You are unable to obtain a selfie
  • Other issues

Country/region-specific guidelines for IDs


  • National Identity Card: Front of card, cover the 9 digit document number (Serienummer) and the 6 digit Card Access Number (Zugangsnummer), midway down the card on the right. Reverse of card, cover the 9 digit document number in the machine readable zone.
  • Residence card: Front top right, cover the 9 digit document number. Bottom left, cover the 6 digit Card Access Number. Reverse of card, cover the 9 digit document number in the machine readable zone

For more information, check out the website of the German government.

The Netherlands

  • Passport: Cover the 9 digit BSN number (burgerservicenummer) number in the machine readable zone.
  • Identity card: Cover the 9 digit BSN number. Depending on when your identity card was issued, the BSN number can be located on the front mid section or the back top right corner of the card.
  • Driver license: Cover the 9 digit BSN number located on the upper left of the card.

For more information, check out the government website of The Netherlands.


    National Registration Identity Card (NRIC): Front top right, cover the 9 digit NRIC number. Back, cover the matching set of 9 digits in the machine readable zone on the back. For more information, check out the website of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

    South Korea

    For all forms of ID your date of birth should be clearly visible.

    • Identity card: Cover the last 7 digits of the 13 digit Resident Registration Number (RRN).
    • Driver license: Cover the last 7 digits of the 13 digit Resident Registration Number (RRN).
    • Passport: Cover the 7 digit Resident Registration Number (marked as ‘Personal No.) and the matching set of 7 digits in the machine readable zone.

    Note: For passports issued after December 21 2020, no redaction is required, as these do not include the RRN. For more information, check out the passport guide page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for South Korea.


    • Driver licenses and passports: Do not cover any information.
    • Identity ("My Number") card: Please cover the 12 digits of My Number on the back of the card under the magnetic strip.
    • For more information, check out the website of the Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems. 

    Hong Kong

    Identity card: Bottom right-hand corner, cover the 7 or 8 digit HKID number only. For more information, check out the website of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

    Photographing your ID

    • Take a direct picture of the government ID. A photo of the government ID displayed on another mobile phone or computer is not acceptable.
    • Make sure the picture is in color and is clearly legible.
    • Images shouldn't be too small, blurry, out of focus, or poorly lit.
    • Profile picture in the ID should be clear, not smudged.
    • No part of the ID should be cut off by the edge of the frame.
    • Don't include other objects or images in the picture.
    • The image shouldn't feature any additional colors or patterns. For example, a decorative table-cloth or other colorful or distracting background.
    • We can’t accept a photocopy, PDF, or other digital copy of the government ID.
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