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This page provides some general information to help you better understand and navigate through the contents of your personal data file. If you want to learn more about how to request a copy of your personal data held by Airbnb, find out more.

The structure of your data file

When you download your personal data file from your Data request history, you’ll receive a zip file. When you extract the contents, here’s how it would look:


├──── user_data.xlsx (excel sheet with your personal data)

├──── attachments

├      ├──── airbnb_support_attachments (any attachments uploaded by you in Airbnb customer support tickets and chats)

├      ├──── listing_permits (Any listing permit files that you uploaded)

├──── images

├      ├──── profile (Any profile images if applicable)

├      ├──── selfies (Any user selfies if applicable)

├      ├──── listings (All listing images if applicable)

├      ├──── ids (Any Govt ID images if applicable)

The user_data.xlsx is an excel file that contains your personal data. When you open it, it should have a tab titled read me, followed by tabs for the different categories of your personal data.

Categories of personal data

  1. Profile information: A summary of the information that exists on your private and public Airbnb profile, including but not limited to personal information such as Legal Name, Gender, Date of birth, email address, phone number, emergency contacts, etc.
  2. Messages: A list of all the messages you have sent and received on the Airbnb platform, including messages you sent to Hosts or guests or to Airbnb support. 
  3. Search history: A summary of the search queries you made on the Airbnb platform including Airbnb listings and experiences. 
  4. Reservations: A summary of all your past and current trip reservations as a guest and a host. 
  5. Experiences: A summary of all of your past and current Airbnb experiences as a guest and a host. 
  6. Payment history: A summary of all your payment transactions on Airbnb, including your payment for trips, experiences as well as payouts as a host. 
  7. Payment instruments: A summary of all your current and past payment instruments used both as a guest and host. Certain sensitive data e.g. credit card numbers may be obfuscated for security reasons. 
  8. Reviews: A summary of all the reviews you provided as a host or a guest, or have received as a host or guest, including ratings.
  9. Listings: Applicable to you, only if you are a host. A summary of all of your current and past listings, including all of the images and personal information you’ve shared with Airbnb about them. 
  10. Listing permits: Applicable to you, only if you are a host. A summary of all the permits you had to acquire and provide to airbnb in order to activate a listing. 
  11. Listing calendar: A summary of your listing’s calendar including past bookings, upcoming bookings, for every single listing. 
  12. Listing pricing: A summary of your listing’s pricing settings including smart pricing. 
  13. Activity log: A chronological log of all of your key activities on the Airbnb platform
  14. ID verification: A summary of all the Government IDs you uploaded to the Airbnb platform for verification of your identity, where permitted under the applicable law.
  15. Report history: A history of all the listings, profiles or message threads you've reported or flagged to Airbnb. 
  16. Enforcement history: A summary of all enforcement actions by Airbnb on your account, including suspensions or deactivations. 
  17. Resolution center claims: A summary of all your resolution center claims covering property damage, theft, missing amenities, bodily injury, etc that you have filed as a guest or host, or have been filed against you. 

If you need help

If you have any further questions about the contents of your personal data file, feel any personal data is missing, or just need help, please submit a request. If you have any general questions about privacy or data protection at Airbnb, you can send us an email. If you reside in mainland China, please review the information that applies to you.

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