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Encouraging guests to book longer stays could help you achieve higher occupancy with lower guest turnover and a more predictable income.

Enabling monthly stays

Many guests at Airbnb book stays of 28 nights and longer. Review your availability settings to make sure guests can find your listing when searching for monthly stays.

    Setting up weekly and monthly discounts

    Many guests who are booking longer stays actively look for listings with weekly or monthly discounts. Weekly and monthly discounts are highlighted to guests in search results as well as on the price breakdown on your listing page.

    When you set a monthly discount, you can find out if that matches the income you expect with a single, longer booking.

    You can also set your monthly discount to the same percentage as your expected vacancy. For instance:

    • If on average you book 24 days per month, you have an average 20% vacancy.
    • In that case, a 20% discount for monthly stays helps you earn a similar amount, with a single stay.

    Once you’ve set a monthly discount, guests will see the average monthly rate for their dates in their search results when searching for stays of 28 nights or more, as well as on the price breakdown on your listing page.

    Find out more about weekly and monthly discounts.

    Optimizing your listing for longer stays

    Besides enabling monthly stays and setting up weekly and monthly discounts, here are some other ways you can help make sure you are optimized to accept more stays.

    Additional reservation preferences

    Review the additional settings in Calendar Availability, including:

    • Advance notice: how soon can guests book
    • Preparation time: minimum time between bookings
    • Availability window: how far into the future can guests book.

    Add a guidebook geared towards monthly stays

    Have a favorite spot to buy groceries in your neighborhood? Is there a great local gym or a dog park in your neighborhood? You can add those tips to your guidebook.

    Add some improvements to your listing

    Make sure you have the essential amenities for monthly stays. Guests looking for monthly stays typically look for listings that provide a well-equipped kitchen, laundry, stable and strong wifi, as well as the essentials required for any Airbnb listing.

    Additionally, you should make sure that your House Manual includes the instructions for day-to-day living (such as how trash disposal works, any particular instructions for taking care of the space and plants, etc).

    Be available and support your guests during a monthly stay

    During a monthly stay, the guest may require your assistance and reach out to you via the Airbnb app. You can provide detailed instructions for monthly stays as a separate section of your House Rules

    If you're sharing the space with your guest, you should also set expectations about your interactions. You can define this in the Guest interaction section of the Title & description settings of your listing.

    Additional guidelines

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