Izinto ezicetyiswayo ziza kubonakala emva kokubhala kwindawo yokukhangela. Sebenzisa iaro enyukayo nehlayo ukuze uwahlole. Sebenzisa iqhosha elingu-enter ukuze uyikhethe. Ukuba ukhethe amabinzana, loo mabinzana ngawo aza kukhangelwa. Ukuba ucetyiswa ngelinki, ibhrawza iza kuya kwelo phepha.
Indlela yokuyenza

Ukususa uluvo

You can’t remove a review written about you, but you still have some options, such as responding or disputing it. Here are cases where it might make sense to ask that a review be removed.

Remove or edit someone else’s review

If you think a review violates our Reviews Policy, you can report it to us. Reviews will be removed if they violate our Reviews Policy, and both the guest and Host will be informed of this decision upon removal. You can also contact us to request a change in the gender pronoun used to describe you in a review.

The policy is designed to protect the integrity of our review system by allowing for removal of reviews that are fake, irrelevant, or manipulated, but to generally allow people’s subjective view of a stay to be shared with other members of the community. Learn about our Content Policy as well.

Remove your own review

You can remove a review you published if it no longer reflects your genuine experience as a guest or Host. Just reach out to our customer support team with your request to remove a review you’ve authored.

Eli nqaku likuncedile?

Amanqaku asondele kweli

Fumana uncedo ngokubhukisha kwakho, ngeakhawunti yakho, nangokunye.
Ngena kwiakhawunti okanye uvule iakhawunti