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If you would like your property to be a part of our global collection of luxury listings, and it is not yet listed on Airbnb, please contact luxehosts@airbnb.com or your designated Market Manager to apply.

Onboarding walkthrough

    To certify quality, our Home Consultants complete an in-person walkthrough at each of our listings before they can join Airbnb Luxe.

    The Home Consultant uses a mobile app during the walkthrough to take notes and photos of furnishings, appliances, kitchen amenities, etc. These notes and photos all stay internal to our company and the app developer. Our trusted global Home Consultant team typically completes these visits within a one hour window.

    You will receive feedback via email and you must confirm that you will resolve any issues mentioned in the feedback before advancing to the next stage of the onboarding process.

    Building your listing

      While waiting for the walkthrough to complete and pass our standards, you can start building your listing

      Here’s a useful guide to help you build a successful listing.

      Approving your listing

      Once your listing content is complete and your walkthrough has passed successfully, our Operations team will do a final review and provide any recommendations to better showcase your listing, such as ensuring you have added all amenities and services that are offered. They will also check to make sure that your listing is accurate and does not miss any requirements. These requirements include entering information about additional fees you may charge, tax rates and permits, and attesting to the presence of a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

      Your listing will then be ready to accept reservations. For any questions about the booking process, visit Luxe reservations

      Please note that passing the walkthrough successfully is required to be part of our collection of luxury listings. If you do not pass successfully, you are still welcome to accept bookings on the Airbnb platform but will not be listed under the Luxe category.

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