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As an Airbnb Luxe Host, quality is key to ensuring your listing gets noticed - and booked. While we know quality is important to Luxe travelers, we also know it is table stakes, not a differentiator. As such, Luxe listings need to meet high quality standards and ensure that any tailored services, curated for complete travel experiences, are in first-rate order to enable a seamless and memorable stay.

How does Luxe help Hosts uphold quality?

We continually strive to uphold our promise to guests, to include the most exquisite properties in the Luxe portfolio. This promise is made through a Quality Guarantee which has helped us generate more bookings for our Hosts. Through these efforts, we work with you to market your property accurately and with confidence.

In order to uphold our promise, Luxe has established an in-person vetting process in which our local Home Consultants perform a walkthrough of existing and potential listings across the globe. These property visits are organized to schedule a convenient visit time with your team.

The purpose of this visit is to gather detailed information about a property in order for the Host Operations team to verify that a listing meets and maintains our design and quality standards.

Each home consultation is conducted by our trained quality professionals and allows you to have a second pair of eyes to verify the condition of your home. This is what you can expect from us:

  • We draw on our extensive experience in luxury rentals to check everything guests may use or notice. Our approach is based on what we know to be the most common rental issues.
  • Following each property visit, we share the relevant notes with you.
  • We’ll work with you to make your property shine and exceed your guests’ expectations.

When do we ask to visit your property?

The following is a list of scenarios in which we would request to schedule a property visit:

  1. Onboarding: Prior to adding any new home to our collection, we dispatch one of our Home Consultants to complete a walkthrough. Findings from the visit help determine our decision to add your listing as well as to help you accurately describe your listing.
  2. Yearly Walkthrough: We aim to vet the quality of Luxe homes yearly; depending on the prior quality signals our team has for your listing and when the listing was last seen.
  3. Non 5-star review rating: A core focus for our team is to ensure every guest stay is rated 5-stars. In the event that a guest rates their stay below 5 stars, our team will evaluate the guest feedback and review all historical quality signals gathered for the listing. This analysis will allow us to decide whether an in-person quality check visit is needed, which would then be coordinated with your team.
  4. Feedback shared by the guest: Feedback may be shared by guests to their dedicated Trip Designer. Depending on the severity of the issues reported, our team may reach out to you to share the feedback and/or ask to schedule an in-person walkthrough.

How best can a Luxe Host prepare for a home consultation?

In order to best prepare your home for our Home Consultant’s visit, we recommend that you verify key amenities are functional and that the home is as ready as possible for the guest stay. We understand that we may sometimes visit the home when it is not yet staged, and our team will take that into account when sharing feedback.

During the property visit, our Home Consultant will go through an assigned checklist to verify that amenities are in functioning order and that the home is in overall good condition. They will likely open drawers and will take pictures of the entire property. While we do not require your team to be present during the visit, if on-site, the Home Consultant will likely ask them any questions they may have.

What quality signals does Luxe monitor?

Guest reviews

At the end of each trip, guests are asked to review their stay. Guest reviews are prominently displayed at the top of your listing page and, when prospective guests are making travel plans, positive 5-star reviews will help support their decision to choose your home.

In the event you disagree with a guest review, while you cannot remove it, you are welcome to respond or report it if you think it violates our Review Policy. The team will review your request and take action based on our review dispute guidelines.

In-stay guest feedback

In addition to reviews, guests will communicate onsite issues with the Luxe Trip Designer team. Typically, these reported issues are related to the check-in procedure or quality issues with the home. In-stay feedback is equally as important as guest reviews. We strive to remediate issues as quickly as possible, with your team, to encourage a 5-star rating post check-out.

In-person quality walkthroughs 

Our trained team of local Home Consultants conduct walkthroughs of all Luxe homes. These property visits provide your team an extra pair of eyes to identify quality improvements we know Luxe guests may notice. Our objective is to share findings from our visits with your team and work with you to remediate any issues before a guest stay.

We have found that walkthroughs bolster 5-star stays and enable our team’s verification that Luxe listings remain consistent with our design and quality standards. This is essential to ensuring we continuously promote high performing listings that will generate successful repeat business for Luxe and Luxe Hosts.

The Host Operations team reviews walkthrough findings and shares feedback with your team so that they may remedy any quality discrepancies. At times, if the list of findings is exhaustive, we may unpublish your listing (temporarily or permanently) to mitigate any risks impacting future guest stays. We appreciate your team’s collaboration throughout this process as we work to iron out pending issues.

How can Hosts ensure successful stays?

Hosts who pay close attention to the following tend to get great reviews:

  • Cleanliness: Guests will expect a white-glove clean space, as seen in your listing photos. Make sure you give yourself and/or your team enough time to thoroughly clean between stays.
  • Luxury essential amenities: Guests expect to have basic amenities available. Ensure the home is well stocked with high quality bathroom amenities (toilet paper and toiletries), additional linens, and at least two towels of each type per guest based on the maximum occupancy of the home.
  • Accurate listing details: We encourage Hosts to review their listing regularly and ensure it is accurately represented.
  • A smooth check-in process: Clear and simple check-in instructions will help put your guests at ease after a day of traveling. Make sure all relevant details are included in your ‘check-in instructions’ so guests have accurate information ahead of their trip. Learn more about updating guest resources here.
  • A simple check-out process: A seamless check-out process is highly recommended; ensure guests are aware of your expectations prior to their scheduled departure. Check-out instructions are noted in the ‘house manual’ section of your listing details. Learn more about updating guest resources here.
  • Proactive communication: Guests love to know you’re available throughout their stay. Reach out early to coordinate arrival plans.
  • Responsiveness: We know service failures are inevitable; an appliance can stop functioning, a delivery could be delayed. We do not ask you to guarantee these will not occur, we ask that you make sure your team is responsive and able to remediate promptly when these events do happen. To ensure this, you will need to provide an on-site representative’s contact details in the ‘house manual’ section of your listing details. Learn more about updating guest resources here.
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